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The first highway PV test section is running low

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-28
At the South Ring Expressway in Jinan, there is the world's first photovoltaic highway experimental section. Now it is only one year and four months. The reporter visited this PV highway and found this “Net Red Highway”. There are very few left. Previously, there were reports in the media that the removal was for promotion and reloading. The builders said that they had no knowledge of this and that the photovoltaic road could still be reinstalled.


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Photovoltaic high-speed roads are left with only the road surface covered with damage cracks

"I walked once in August last year and found out at that time.Photovoltaic roadThe appearance was uneven, and the car went up and was fierce. And the first two days passed again, only ten meters left in the driveway. Mr. Xu, who lives in Zibo City, told reporters that in December 2017, the world's first highway photovoltaic experiment section was officially opened to traffic in Jinan. This road instantly became a net red, and the owners of the economic south also wanted to experience it. No exception.

But recently, Mr. Xu once again traveled to the provincial capital to travel through the expressway and found that there is little left on the red PV road. He couldn't help but wonder if the PV road was "cooled" for more than a year.

On April 23, the reporter drove to Jinan South Ring Expressway for on-the-spot inquiry. If you have not entered the experimental section, you can still see the signboard with the "PV section" in the roadside. It is understood that this photovoltaic road, which was originally about 1 kilometer long, was laid on a roadway and an emergency lane. Now, the photovoltaic panels of the roadway are only about ten meters away, and most of them have been replaced by newly laid asphalt roads. The photovoltaic panel of the emergency lane has not been removed, but the exterior is yellowish brown, covering a lot of mud dust. It looks like a layer of cement, which is far from the neat and bright "frost glass pavement" when it is just open. .

A road worker who was doing road cleaning work told the reporter that although there were few vehicles traveling and stopping in the emergency lane, there were three or four heavy-duty trucks passing by every minute in the side lane, often splashing and falling. Stones and other debris fell here. In addition, there are different sizes of damage at the seams of photovoltaic panels, and some even have cracks.


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Closed major repairs four times in 8 months. Many removals have not been reinstalled so far.

The reporter learned that Jinan Nanhuan City Photovoltaic Road was officially opened to traffic on December 28, 2017. It was invested and built by Qilu Transportation Group and was the world's first experimental section of photovoltaic highways. Although it is only used for one year and four months, it is also known as "Ninety-eighty-one is difficult."

On the sixth day of traffic, the road surface was damaged, a plain concrete surface was lost, and the other seven panels were severely hit. Although it was suspected that it was exploited by the professional team to steal, but after the public security department inquired, it eliminated the factors of human theft and damage, and determined that the large and medium-sized vehicle vehicle suspensions damaged the road surface, and the builder had to close it. Because it is a temporary correction, considering the replacement of the transparent concrete conflict layer of the photovoltaic pavement in the future, or there will be potential safety hazards, so the "patching" method is adopted.

Since then, there have been more exposures from the media that “photovoltaic highways have been damaged for half a year as ‘psoriasis’.” In August of last year, the builder began to remove it and replaced the asphalt replacement. At this point, the closed-circuit construction repair has been carried out four times in the photovoltaic road experimental section with only 8 months of work. “Firstly, the photovoltaic panel will be removed from the ground up from the ground up and will be reloaded in the future. It is not removed.” Zhang Lu, the head of the research team of the Qilu Traffic Group’s photovoltaic highway experimental section, leaked during the interview with the media. The change of the rain caused by the deformation caused by the deformation is the main reason for the removal.

But eight months have passed, and now there are few PV panels left in this section. There is no clear answer as to whether the remaining PV panels are still working properly. "I haven't seen people repairing for a long time, so we usually clean the surface waste," said the field sanitation worker.

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Normal work electricity fee income is difficult to maintain daily maintenance

As early as the opening of the high-speed photovoltaic section, there were media reports that the length of the experimental section was 1120 meters, the total laying area was 5874 square meters, and the peak power of grid-connected power generation capacity was 817.2 kilowatts.Power generationAbout 1 million kWh. In the following three months, although the PV test section was opened to traffic, it experienced various smog, rain and snow, and the overall power generation capacity still reached expectations. The total power generation in 104 days reached 96,200 kWh, and the average daily power generation was about 923 kWh. . According to the above officially disclosed data calculation, the on-grid price is composed of government subsidies and benchmark electricity prices totaling 0.85 yuan / kWh, which is equivalent to about 785 yuan per day of power generation, and 104 days of power generation revenue of 82,000 yuan. According to this calculation, if the equipment can work normally, after 16 months, the power generation revenue will be about 376,000 yuan.

However, the photovoltaic power transmission suffered several twists and turns, and its actual power generation revenue is still to be considered. The photovoltaic conversion power demand has passed through the inverter. Previously, some reporters read the real-time power from the inverter locked by the builder--about 3:30 pm, the real-time power of several 20KW inverters was evenly distributed. 4 kWh or so, the highest value does not exceed 5 kWh, if the average value is calculated according to this power, it is far lower than the officially released data. In addition, the photovoltaic pavement adopts a structure similar to frosted glass, and the light transmittance is low, and it is easy to form ash. According to industry insiders, dust blocking will affect the power generation of the components, so it is necessary to periodically clean the components to ensure the highest power generation. However, for a closed highway, cleaning is obviously difficult, and the effect of dust shielding on power generation cannot be avoided. In addition, many roads have been removed, that is to say, so far, even the electricity revenue of 376,000 yuan has not been obtained. The PV industry experts said that this income is not enough to support the manual maintenance and renewal of daily road surface.

Zhang Hongchao, the chief scientist of the project and a professor at Tongji University, once said that the price still in the development stage does not represent the future commercialization cost. The pavement cost of the photovoltaic expressway is less than 3,000 yuan per square meter, and the cost of similar foreign skills is between 14,000 and 1.5. About 10,000 yuan. The project development team also said that its primary meaning is scientific research. At this stage, there is no need to study the capital too much, and it cannot be measured by money. Having said that, it is not a problem to repair the loss and maintenance of the repairs.


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The pilot autopilot test section will be suspected.

According to previous reports, informed sources leaked, and another photovoltaic highway test site in Jinan is preparing. Compared with the experimental section of the South City, the new experimental field is more comprehensive, and the wireless charging skills of the car and the unmanned driving skills of the car road will be tested here. The location of the site has been initially abandoned after the highway was rerouted. The road surface is simpler than the south, and the terrain is more moderate. It is attributed to the “semi-closed nature” and the public may not be able to drive onto this section. Recently, Qilu Transportation Development Group has released the Qilu Traffic Intelligent Network Link Expressway Test Base and Development Center project, which is attributed to the first automatic road test section based on automatic driving in China. The site selection will be carried out on the original site of the reconstruction of the Binlai Expressway expansion project. The total line is 26 kilometers. It will be operated independently as a closed test site. It has a number of Internet and digital skills to support the automatic driving test vehicle.

According to many industry insiders, the situation of this section is consistent with the second photovoltaic high-speed experimental site that was previously transmitted, or it will be built with photovoltaic panels. In the future, it can also be used for road equipment and new energy test vehicles working on the road. Provide functions such as power supply. There are even rumors that the South Ring Road photovoltaic road, which has not been reinstalled for a long time, will also migrate here. In this regard, the reporter also consulted the Qilu Traffic Development Group, the project builder, but the relevant operators said they did not know about it. Regarding whether the South Ring Road photovoltaic road is facing heavy reloading, where will the future go, and whether the second PV high-speed project has plans to land in Jinan, etc., it still has not been clearly answered.

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