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Domestic energy storage market competition pattern

the Internet 2019-03-29 11:44:57
Energy storage as a new market for many battery manufacturers in China andInverterVendors bring the opportunity to expand new affairs and change the professional status of the original affairs.

Solar energy

Since 2018, the rapid development of China's energy storage market is inventing the increasing demand for equipment acquisition and project development opportunities, attracting many new entrants to participate in equipment supply, system integration and project development. This statement will surround the energy storage supply chain, and summarize the analysis of China's energy storage market participants and their market strategies from three aspects: equipment suppliers, system integrators and project developers, and compete in the future energy storage market in China. The direction of the format is forecasted.

China's energy storage market competition pattern

In order to seize the first-mover advantage and speed up the layout of energy storage, equipment suppliers will test a variety of different strategies in the early stage of the market. Their energy storage business is not limited to the supply of critical equipment, but also expands system integration and project development capabilities. Different from the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, the battery supply in overseas markets mainly depends on a small number of manufacturers such as LG Chem and Samsung SDI. Overseas inverter companies are accelerating the transition to system integration, which also invents the opportunity for Chinese enterprises to expand overseas markets.

The integrators of China's energy storage market are mainly composed of energy storage equipment manufacturers, power grid enterprises, wind power photovoltaic equipment manufacturers, energy storage project developers, and electric vehicle enterprises. A large number of equipment manufacturers make it difficult for independent system integrators in China to find market space. This is very different from the pre-initiative system integrators in the energy storage market that we have observed in markets such as Europe and the United States.

China's energy storage project developers vary according to the economics of each application category and the difficulty of project development. Due to the simple operation mode and commercial form, the industrial and commercial user side usually becomes the first test in the enterprise layout energy storage affairs. Due to its best economy, the FM category has become the first and most concentrated category of independent energy storage project developers. In the future, with the expansion of China's energy storage market and the gradual maturity of commercial forms, we believe that battery and inverter manufacturers will gradually return to the equipment supplier, and energy companies and industrial enterprises with stronger financial capabilities will become the primary projects. Developer.


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