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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Why is the inverter starting voltage higher than the minimum voltage?

Why is the inverter starting voltage higher than the minimum voltage?

the Internet 2019-01-12 09:48:44

In the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, one parameter is strange, that is, the inverter input starting voltage.

This voltage is about 30V higher than the minimum working voltage. For example, single-phase inverter, MPPT working voltage is 70V to 550V, and the starting voltage is 100V. Many people are very strange. From 70V to 100V, the inverter works still. Not working, if it is working, butInverterIt takes 100V to start. If it doesn't start, how does the inverter work?

The reason why the starting voltage is higher than the minimum working voltage is designed according to the characteristics of the photovoltaic module. Before the inverter starts, the component does not work, it is in an open state, and the voltage is relatively high. When the inverter is started, the component is working. In the state, the voltage will be lowered. In order to prevent the inverter from repeatedly starting, the starting voltage of the inverter is higher than the minimum operating voltage. If three components are connected in series, when there is sun in the morning, the open circuit voltage may have 90V. If it starts at this time, it may only be 60V, the working voltage will not be reached, and the inverter will stop. Only when the open circuit voltage exceeds 100V, if this starts The operating voltage will exceed 70V and the inverter will always work.

After the inverter is started, it does not mean that the inverter will have power output immediately. The control part of the inverter, the CPU and the screen and other devices work first. First, the inverter self-test, and then the component and the power grid are detected. After the problem, the inverter will have an output if the photovoltaic power exceeds the standby power of the inverter.

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