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Your position: Home > News > Company News > The difference between an improved sine wave and a pure sine wave inverter

The difference between an improved sine wave and a pure sine wave inverter

John 2014-07-31 13:36:45
This article describes the difference between an improved sine wave and a pure sine wave inverter.

ModifiedSine Pure Wave: The most common general purpose inverters are available for "corrected sine wave" types, which generally provide more modest pricing than pure sine wave models. Modified square wave (or "corrected sine wave" and "quasi-sine wave") out out The inverter is designed to have better characteristics than the Aquare Wave unit while still being relatively expensive. Although designed to simulate pure sine wave output, the improved SquareWave inverter does not provide the same perfect electrical output. Therefore, the negative by-product of the improved output unit is electrical noise, which can prevent these inverters from properly powering certain loads. For example, many TVs and fixtures use power supplies that do not eliminate common mode noise. Therefore, using improved square waves to power these devices may produce “grain” or a small amount of “snow” or “嗡嗡” on the video image, as are most, with timing devices, dimmers, battery charging and variable speed devices. The device may not perform well or may not actually work at all.

PureSine Wave: Pure or true sine wave inverter Provides electricity-like power received from a home or office outlet that is highly reliable and does not create electrical noise interference associated with other types of inverters. With its "perfect" sine wave output, the power generated by the inverter ensures that your sensitive load is properly powered without interference. Some devices that may require Pure SineWave include computers, digital clocks, battery chargers, dimmers, variable speed motors, and audio/video equipment. If your application is an important video demo at work, an expensive sound system, surveillance video, telecom applications, any calibration measurement device or any other sensitive load of the opera, you must use a pure sine wave inverter.   

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