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Sumeda Huilun helps build Colombia's "first" smart photovoltaic building

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-29
In 1993, Dr. Charles Cabot of the United Kingdom proposed the concept of sustainable building. With the diversification of new dynamic skills, more and more countries began to integrate green power into the construction to reduce the environmental load. The role of ecological protection.

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In Colombia, Sumeda Power's engineers transformed an ordinary office building into a self-sufficient, “zero-emission” green building, which is the first green building in the region.

In addition to installing on the roofPhotovoltaic moduleIn addition, engineers are building hundreds of photovoltaic modules on the façade to meet the 100% clean power supply needs. In order to co-ordinate the aesthetics and power generation, the project selected the 335W all-black high-efficiency component of the Phono Solar brand. Thanks to the ultra-high power generation of the Sumeda Huilun component, the total power generation of the project has reached 125% of the planned value. Not only can the building's electricity be used to meet 100% of the original plan, but 25% of the excess electricity can be stored in the energy storage system or sold to the grid.

In addition to the self-sufficiency of power, the construction also introduced a fully intelligent monitoring system. The system can monitor the use of electricity, gas and water in 32 rooms, and combines the data collected by dozens of sensors such as temperature sensors, lighting level sensors and energy storage system sensors to distribute data. The amount of electricity generated is allocated to the building's electrical appliances, energy storage systems and power grid systems. The combination of high-efficiency photovoltaic power generation system and fully intelligent monitoring and handling system can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 34,000 kilograms, save manpower costs by 20%, and save electricity costs by 50%.

With the increasing global warming, countries are pursuing the development of low-carbon, clean power to replace traditional fossil power. The concept of sustainable development has also begun to be valued in the construction, and the combination of green power and people's days is becoming more and more strict. I believe that in the future, more and more self-sufficiency in building power will become a reality, so that everyone can enjoy the low carbon green days that can be built.

Solar Controller

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