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Jilin Baicheng launches “photovoltaic +” application

the Internet 2019-04-28 15:46:03

With the completion of the first phase of Baicheng Photovoltaic Power Generation's leading base (hereinafter referred to as Baicheng Base), the former saline-alkali land has turned into a cornucopia of photovoltaic projects. By exploring the "photovoltaic + industry" form, in order to promote the characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry in Baicheng City of Jilin Province, accelerate the local poverty alleviation and invent the vital "sunshine bonus". Not long ago, Baicheng Base handed out a satisfactory "transcript".

On December 20, 2018, the Baicheng Base completed a grid-connected power generation with a capacity of 500,000 kilowatts. It became the first base of the third batch of photovoltaic “leaders” in the country with full capacity and grid connection, and the interval was April 28 of the same year. The project officially entered the construction phase and only passed more than 230 days.

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缕缕Sunlight lights up "White City Experience"

“White City is a special poverty-stricken area in the Daxinganling Nanxun, which is recognized by the State Council. There are three poverty-stricken counties and two poor counties in five counties (cities, districts), which have been plagued by saline-alkali land for many years and have been active. Explore the new path of development and utilization. Together, Baicheng has abundant light resources and solar radiation of up to 5200 MJ/m2. It is the second-class area of ​​solar energy resources determined by the state.” Wang Qiang, Chairman of Baicheng Power Investment Development Co., Ltd. The “4th China PV + Innovation Forum” was introduced to the participants.

The reporter learned that as the most potential development area for clean power in the Northeast region, as of December 31, 2018, the cumulative installed capacity of Baicheng Photovoltaic has reached 1.323 million kilowatts. Among them, the first phase construction plan of Baicheng Base is 500,000 kilowatts, with a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan and a total planned area of ​​25.75 square kilometers. The annual power generation will be 800 million kilowatt hours, the annual power generation value will be 340 million yuan, and the annual profit and tax will be 48 million yuan.

According to Wang Qiang, the Baicheng base construction site is divided into two parts: Da'an City and Zhenlai County, with installed capacity of 200,000 kilowatts and 300,000 kilowatts respectively. Because the two sites are saline-alkali land or unused land, how to change the land's salinity and use together, and launch the "photovoltaic +" use, organically combine the new power industry with the characteristic agriculture, and become necessary in construction. A prominent problem facing up.

The Baicheng government tailored the concept of photovoltaic + agricultural greenhouses, photovoltaic + grassland restoration, oat cultivation, livestock and poultry breeding, fishing and light integration, etc., and also set up a "photovoltaic +" construction operation leading group.White cityThe Power Bureau, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Municipal Animal Husbandry Research Institute, and the relevant departments of the project construction site and the project construction unit, not only organize experts to demonstrate and evaluate the “PV+” plan of each project unit, and supply cultivation. Professional technical guidance in the field of aquaculture, for the harmonious development of the photovoltaic industry, to create a new format of industrial integration, the supply of "white city experience."

“‘Photovoltaic+’ has improved land use efficiency, and will also promote regional ecological and economic integration, and provide new ideas for the induction and management of saline-alkali land,” said Wang Qiang.

Do more measures and build a white city form

As the only approved PV “leader” base in the northeast region, Baicheng Base invented several firsts in the construction of the national base from the previous bidding to the completion of the construction. The first release competition optimization plan, the first construction started, the first one completed the full capacity of the whole project. The Baicheng base played a good demonstration effect and attracted the attention of the same industry. Along with this, the Jilin Province and Baicheng City Government also placed high hopes on the Baicheng Base, and proposed the “White City Photovoltaic Leading Base Leading the Country”, creating the “White City Form”, embodying the “White City Speed” and promoting the “White City Model”.

In order to complete this policy, Jilin Province listed Baicheng Base as the provincial government's supervision project in 2018 and the province's key operational guidelines. Baicheng City also set up a leading group for photovoltaic leading bases. The mayor Li Mingwei was appointed as the leader of the group, and Zhang Kunkui, the deputy mayor, was specially built as the base. Party Secretary Pang Qingbo personally went to Jilin Power Grid Corporation for support and assistance. The power departments of Da'an City and Zhenyu County cooperated to actively solve the difficulties and problems in promoting the construction process.

Together, in accordance with the principle of “unified management, ensuring strong, supervising and guiding, and harmonious service”, Baicheng Base has made independent ideas in terms of management form, safe production, civilized construction, and quality progress, and worked front-end to ensure the orderly construction of the base. .

Wang Qiang said that the Baicheng Base has established a comprehensive and life-cycle “one-stop” induction service system, and set up a base construction project service group to intervene early and engage in project operation and joint ventures, and adopted a number of actions to mitigate the investment enterprises. Take responsibility and optimize the business environment.

"According to the requirements of the National Power Bureau on the construction of relevant documents for photovoltaic leading bases, the Baicheng Municipal Government has fully completed the promise, renting unused land for 200 yuan per year, and paying the method for paying once for 25 years. The land for each enterprise is not levied on the land of townships and towns. The use of taxes and farmland occupation tax. The planned land is supplied to the funded enterprises according to the circulation method, and the unfunded enterprises add any additional burdens,” Wang Qiang said.

Plan ahead to ensure on-time integration

In addition, the Baicheng Base plans and prepares early, and implements unified scheduling and reasonable arrangements for the entire grid inspection work. In accordance with the steps of self-inspection of the base, pre-inspection of the quality supervision station, rectification and elimination, and the whole inspection of the power grid company, a pilot team for the inspection of the grid connection was established, and the clear functional division, operation content, declaration process, processing time limit and related precautions were ensured. Base construction as scheduledOn-grid power generation.

The Baicheng Base has completed the construction and operation of the integrated platform. The base platform company has set up an operation and maintenance team to communicate with the manufacturers and construction units in advance, familiar with the main data and operating procedures of all the equipments in the base, and participate in the base-in-line inspection operations. The network company's booster station operation and maintenance standards have established and improved the standard safe production and operation management system. At present, the operation, protection and management of the Baicheng base booster station have reached the domestic first-class level.

"A 220kV shared booster station was built at each of the two sites. The adoption of the method of gathering and transporting operations has improved the utilization of resources, reflecting the original intention of intensive and planned development of the base, and also reduced the cost of capital contribution. "Wang Qiang said.

Through unremitting efforts, the Baicheng Base adheres to the spirit of innovation, and explores the “photovoltaic+” form in order to make full use of the wasteland and saline-alkali land, and it is also difficult to complete the national PV-level price online policy. "In the future, we will also make a different idea, make full use of Baicheng's regional scenery, land resources, and combine the national new power industry policy, and do our best to do the PV target base awards, PV and wind level price online pilots, etc." Wang Qiang said.

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