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Japanese Toyota test new water vehicle in China

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-29

The Japanese car company Toyota Sedan (hereinafter referred to as Toyota) finally slammed the electric car after sticking to the hybrid skill road for many years. At the just-concluded Shanghai Auto Show, Toyota's mass-produced pure electric vehicles C-HR/Zhuze and IZOA EV models were unveiled for the first time in global shopping malls. The two cars will be produced in the two joint ventures of Toyota in China in 2020, which is regarded as a signal that Toyota will attack the electric car store.


new energy vehicles

It’s not just the products that have changed, but Toyota’s strategy on electric vehicles. As one of the early starters of electrification research and development, Toyota introduced a small pure electric vehicle called EV-10 to EV-40 series in the 1980s. In 1997, the same year that the first Prius was launched, it launched the pure electric RAV4 EV. Subsequently, Toyota put the research and development points on the HEV hybrid car with more sophisticated skills and higher customer acceptance. Moreover, Toyota has added fuel cell options to the skill road, mainly hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In 2015, Toyota launched the world's first hydrogen fuel cell production car Toyota Mirai.

From the point of view of development, Toyota has been working hard on hybrid and fuel cell cars, and it seems that it is not enthusiastic about electric vehicles. Toyota believes that hybrid power is the current transition solution, and hydrogen fuel cell cars are the ultimate solution. The top of the Toyota sedan has shown that electric vehicles are not the future skill direction, but this does not mean that Toyota has given up pure electric vehicles.

Recently, Toyoda President Akio Toyoda visited Tsinghua University. In his speech to Tsinghua teachers and students, Toyoda said that Toyota will introduce 10 electric models to China by 2025.

On the other hand, on April 3, the Toyota sedan announced that it will provide the patent right to use the motorized skills of motors, electric control (PCU), and system control (including the items under application) held by Toyota for free. Companies using Toyota Powertrain have paid skills support. According to reports, in addition to the free supply of nearly 24,000 electric car skills patents, Toyota also plans to supply parts for Toyota's low fuel consumption hybrid car to competitors to produce electric car parts for future models. The capital expenditure for the new plant required is reduced by about half.

Through the decline in capital, Toyota has the opportunity to make rapid progress on electric vehicles. Together, Toyota's skills may become standardized, which will portray its leading position in electric vehicles. This is very important at the final point in time when the two major electric car stores in China and the United States have announced that they will stop subsidies. Not only Toyota, but also the largest supporter of internal combustion engines, Mazda cars will also launch new energy models in China in 2020.


inJapanWhen auto companies re-examine the timing of electric vehicles, some changes have taken place in China's sedan industry. On April 23, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reported in a reply to the reporter that the hydrogen fuel cell car will coexist with the pure electric car for a long time, and together with the transportation and people's travel needs, the hydrogen fuel cell car and the pure electric car with lithium battery are both. It is an important skill road for new energy cars. From the characteristics of skills and development trends, pure electric cars are more suitable for urban, short-haul, passenger cars and other areas, and hydrogen fuel cell cars are more suitable for long-distance, large-scale, commercial vehicles and other areas. However, from the current point of view, the industrialization process of hydrogen fuel cell cars is significantly later than pure electric cars.

Previously, on the road of new energy skills, China has always advocated pure electric and plug-in hybrid power as the main direction, fuel cell as one of the multi-skills road, and in this latest statement, pure electric vehicles and hydrogen Fuel cells are thought to be complementary and equally important. After a few years of decentralization, China and Japan for the first time on the skill road to the interspersed collection, and to a certain extent, the competition.

Toyota's hybrid sales are growing rapidly. For example, in Europe where environmental protection is strengthened, sales of hybrid vehicles (HV) increased by 3% to 980,000 units, and hybrid vehicles accounted for 47% of new car sales, more than 39% in Japan. On hydrogen fuel cells, Toyota has a faster layout than electric vehicles in China. On April 22, Toyota announced the supply of hydrogen fuel cell skills and parts to Beiqi Foton. The Beiqi Foton program produced a hydrogen-powered bus equipped with Toyota hydrogen fuel cell system. This is Toyota's first collaboration with Chinese manufacturers on hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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