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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > European countries have stepped into the PPA era

European countries have stepped into the PPA era

the Internet 2019-04-29 11:44:24

From the hot Seville to the rainy Rostock, funders claim that Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) enable European solar power projects to make money without government subsidies. After the danger of reducing cheap money, they are pushing EuropePhotovoltaic marketThe revival further reduces the cost of solar power.


Photovoltaic market

PPAs will be one of the sources of funding for project financing

Last month, AudaxRenovables signed a contract with developer Welink for the construction of a 708MW photovoltaic project on the Iberian Peninsula. The volume of solar installations involved in this huge purchase was from 2013 to 2017 for the entire Spanish plus Portuguese installation. Sum.

This is not an isolated incident, says Tul Lenkowski, a senior manager of professional consulting firm IHS Markit.EuropeThe volume of power purchase agreements in the mall has increased from 360 MW in 2017 to more than 2.4 GW in 2018. These projects have brought together a wide range of funders who operate in different jurisdictions. The commonality of these projects is that there is no government. Subsidy.

Peter Alex, the funder of the German renewable energy project development company Energiekontor, said: "We are starting a positive competition with the price of the mall." The company has just been working on a 85MW photovoltaic power plant in Rostock, Germany, with German electricity. Operator EnBW has signed a 15-year PPA. “This project has surprised shopping malls and politicians, who are now able to sell in Germany to compete with fossil fuels and nuclear power.Solar energyElectricity is gone. ”

Anne Joken, head of media at Statkraft, Europe's leading renewable power supplier, said: “We have seen many projects across Europe, especially in the south.” Statkraft completed the signing of the power plant agreement PPA in early 2018. Electricity was purchased from a 175 MW solar power plant in Don Rodrigo, near Seville, Spain. "With the development of affordable Internet access, there will be a variety of funds to finance new projects, during which PPA will become the most important method."

Following the gradual elimination of the subsidy policy for renewable powers by European governments, the news brought a timely respite to the hit European solar industry. Georg Hoffler, the director of the Allianz Renewable Power Team, said: "In the past, there were many PV projects in Europe but most of them relied on subsidy support. What is different now is that the investment is private and there is no government support. ". Together, Hofler also explained that because the cost of solar technology is declining, relatively high electricity bills and high-quality lighting have attracted a large amount of funds to fund projects in Europe, but to ensure the safety of long-term purchase of electricity - this is the resolution project The key point of the final deal.

At the end of 2018, when Allianz invested in the purchase of two solar projects in Portugal, Ourika and Solara4, they were tied to the PPA of AudaxRenovables in the purchase and sale. Similarly, in December 2018, Munich's Anton Property Management Company (MEAG) bought the Tang Rodrigo Group's 175MW photovoltaic power station, which was also bundled with the PPA agreement with the power company Statkraft. Robert Pittman of Munich's Anton Property Management Company said that “only the possibility of default by the purchaser is low, the purchase agreement and other conditions are reasonable, then financing is not a problem at all. Most other PV projects in the EU in the future. Both will receive funds through PPAs, and there are useful indications from banks that they are very interested in providing non-recourse financing to the Don Rodrigo project."

Detection and assistance from the mall

Audax Renovables signed two solar projects in Portugal for a period of 20 years. During this period, the company will sell unsubsidized electricity to about 300,000 users in Europe. Audax strategy leader Jamie shows that “these users are basically Small and medium-sized enterprises consume a lot of electricity in the daytime, and they use less electricity at night. Fortunately, there are power purchase agreements, so that we can give them a fixed price, the electricity bills no longer have too much fluctuation, and they use It is 100% pure renewable electricity."

When asked why EuropeSolar energyWhen the industry did not organize it earlier with this power purchase agreement, Jamie pointed out that before the cost of renewable power technology was lower than the existing power, the government's incentives, such as electricity price subsidies, net metering prices and project auctions. It is a necessary means to promote renewable power in power stores. In the future, the second challenge will be to cancel the subsidy. PPA is meaningless until the on-grid tariff subsidy disappears. Because Spanish public utility companies have a legal obligation to purchase renewable power with the recognition of the capital.

From the perspective of consumer and power transformation, it is possible for companies to sign long-term power purchase agreements to install more solar energy for society at a lower cost. Jamie explained, “Every time you sign a PPA, users should celebrate it. If the government wants to inspire PPA, the best way is to stay away from it. Every time the government says it wants to hold an auction or encourage some new motivations. The funders will cut off the flow of funds until they admit that what will happen next. This delays the implementation of photovoltaics and forces consumers to take unnecessary costs. Today, Europe has the largest and fastest-growingSolar projectThere is no subsidy. However, they bring the same environmental benefits to the grid and there is no additional cost to the user. ”

In the end, Jamie showed that one area of ​​anticipation of policy intervention is to eliminate barriers to shopping malls: the European Commission has adopted a commendable approach in revising the regulatory framework for the European dynamics section, eliminating barriers to signing private PPAs, for the 2030 year. Set a 32% renewable power target.

GermanyThe latest joint bid: PV bid price of 0.0566 euros / kWh (about 0.4272 yuan / kWh)

In a recent joint bid in Germany, solar energy has won all project contracts with overwhelming advantages, while land-based wind power has no income.

At the beginning of April, a total of 18 solar bidders won the bid for 210MW, and PV players led the bidding process, submitting 109 bids for the 719MW project in Germany.

The average contract price for solar projects is 0.0566 Euro/kWh, and individual projects are between 0.045 Euro/kWh and 0.061 Euro/kWh. (Don't leave RMB 0.4272/kWh, 0.3397 yuan/kWh and 0.4604 yuan/kWh)

Germany has held a series of bids, and the joint bid is the most recent one. Solar has become the only winner. In November of last year, the solar industry signed another contract, the average price is slightly lower than 0.0527 euros / kWh (about 0.3978 yuan / kWh).

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