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Inner Mongolia Taipusiqi Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Station

the Internet 2019-04-29 11:38:25
As an important source of village collective economy and an important means for the poor to increase income, photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations are an important action for the long-term mechanism of poverty alleviation and poverty reduction.Inner MongoliaXilin Gol League Taipu Temple flag has taken measures and actively adopted measures to improve the construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, ensuring that the PV poverty alleviation policy benefits better to poor households.


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Consolidate funds, and push hard, let photovoltaics illuminate the public to get rich. Taipusi Banner has a large number of poor people. The mission of poverty alleviation is very serious. The flag committee and the government are rushing to seize the new energy. The Taipusi Banner has many poor people. The mission of getting rid of poverty is very serious. The flag committee and the government are rushing to seize new energy development opportunities, establishing a different work model, and establishing a sound operation and maintenance mechanism. Raise funds in a variety of ways. The centralized photovoltaic power station was jointly funded by Qibo Rui Company (Government Platform Company) and Qingdao Changsheng NEC Co., Ltd. as a capital fund, and jointly established Taipusiqi Fusheng Solar Energy Co., Ltd. as the engineering construction. The government accounted for 40% of the total poverty. The county's 949 households are divided into red; village-level photovoltaic power stations, give full play to the supporting funds of the autonomous region projects, the effect of Beijing-Gongzhou assistance funds, and the lack of partial use of financial integration funds, a good avoidance of the "sprinkle pepper" type of poverty alleviation funds Ways to improve capital utilization and accuracy. At present, the installed capacity of centralized photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations with full capacity and grid-connected capacity is 24 MW, and the benefits benefit 949 households with poor labor capacity in the eight poverty-stricken counties of the All-Union to build low-income households (including disabled households). 430 households; the total installed capacity of the three Liancun power stations is 15.17 megawatts, and the benefits benefited 62 poor villages in the poverty-stricken villages of the establishment of the establishment of the card. In 2019, they enjoyed the “sunshine profit” and continued to help for 20 years.

Strengthen research, widely seek opinions, and work hard to make good decisions. TaiqiPhotovoltaic poverty alleviationAs a welfare project for the benefit of poor areas and poor people, we will improve political positions and strengthen our responsibility. The leaders of the flag will take the lead in learning to grasp the relevant national policies, and repeatedly deepen the project villages to carry out special investigations to achieve clear guidelines and clear standards. The Poverty Alleviation Office, the first secretary of each Sumu town organization in the village, and the poverty alleviation team in the village held a symposium in the village to seek public opinions on the distribution of income, and strive to complete the merits.

Strengthen the standard guidelines. On the basis of deepening the investigation, summarizing the experience, analyzing the problems, and seeking opinions, Taipusi Banner has drafted the “Taipusi Banner Centralized Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation and Revenue Management Method (Trial)” and “Taipusiqi Village-level Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Plant Interim Measures (Trial) ", improved the relevant documents and guidelines, clear the goals, scale, and quota of benefits, clear the handling of the subject, handling duties, management and protection personnel and supervision and inspection. The standard guidelines enable the photovoltaic power station to be managed, protected by someone, and repaired, ensuring that the village-level photovoltaic power station can operate normally and securely for 25 years.

Strengthen the management of the income of the power station. In order to ensure the effectiveness of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, the use of photovoltaic funds is not violated. Taiqi’s revenue distribution to the power station was distributed in the first quarter and was announced one year, and it was widely subject to public supervision. The village collective economic income formed by the photovoltaic power generation income, after deducting the daily operation and maintenance costs of the power station, requires each village's annual power generation income to be used primarily for collective economic accumulation, public welfare post subsidies and rewards for aid and poverty alleviation, and the use of funds. Publicity, establish the use of income distribution of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, to ensure that the construction of low-end households to benefit directly. At the same time, strengthen the supervision and handling of the income distribution and utilization of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, and once the problems are found in violations of the use of photovoltaic poverty alleviation funds, they will be investigated seriously.


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