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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Scientists plan to turn the Sahara into a gathering place for solar power stations

Scientists plan to turn the Sahara into a gathering place for solar power stations

the Internet 2019-04-17 16:24:24
Algeria and Japanese universities are jointly working on the Sahara Desert Solar Project, which transforms the world’s largest desert into aSolar Power StationThe gathering place, hope that by 2050, the current produced here can satisfy the needs of half of the world.

At the beginning of the project, they planned to build a silicon production plant in the Sahara Desert to process the silica in the sand into high-purity silicon for solar panels. Then use these solar panels to build solar power plants. The current generated by the power station can be used to build more silicon production plants. More silicon production plants can make more solar panels and generate more electricity. Hideomi Koinuma, the leader of the Japanese research team and the University of Tokyo, showed that although no sand in the desert has been used as a source of high-purity silicon, it is clearly the best choice for this. Will produce high purity silicon.


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The syllabus said that the energy produced by solar power plants will pass through the high-temperature superconductor and will be sent out by direct current. This process is more useful than the transmission by alternating current. According to his imagination, a large ultra-cold HVDC grid can deliver at least 100 billion watts of current to a local area 500 kilometers away. He showed that even though this grid needs to use liquid nitrogen for refrigeration, it still has the advantage of a capital competition. The high temperature superconductor operates at a low temperature of approximately minus 240 degrees Celsius.

The Sahara Desert Solar Project (known as the Super Apollo Project by Limak Hideki) will be part of a global seminar on global issues, jointly by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the World Association for Cooperation (JICA). . But to be successful, the research team must first overcome many problems, including frequent sandstorms, using liquid nitrogen to cool the cables and burying them under the sand to minimize their temperature changes.

The initial goal of this workshop was to focus on overcoming the challenges and demonstrating the viability of the project. Training African engineers and scientists to participate in the research and development of this project is also a major goal. Another project aimed at using solar energy in the Sahara Desert began last year. The Desertec Foundation plans to use high-voltage DC transmission lines that do not require superconductors to meet 15% of Europe's current needs in 2050.


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