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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Jilin PV poverty alleviation project has covered 81,000 households

Jilin PV poverty alleviation project has covered 81,000 households

the Internet 2019-04-17 16:19:53
Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable power for human beings. The use of photovoltaic power generation is a sustainable project of “self-hematopoietic” function, which can bring a continuous source of economic resources to poor households and has a milestone significance for poverty alleviation.

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Since 2016, under the direct leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the photovoltaic poverty alleviation operation in Jilin Province has carried out the construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects in four batches under the direct support of the relevant departments and the local government. On December 31, a total of 1.034 million kilowatts was built, which will benefit 81,000 households and about 140,000 people. Each household will benefit more than 3,000 yuan per year and continue to benefit for 20 years. Photovoltaic poverty alleviation has become the most effective way for our province to successfully complete the task of poverty alleviation.

Zheng Jianlin, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Power Bureau, said that since April 2017, the Provincial Power Bureau and the Provincial Office of Poverty Alleviation jointly issued the “Guidelines for Organizing and Implementing the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Operation in the Province”, for power stations that do not meet the PV poverty alleviation policy. Requires rectification within a time limit. For those that cannot be rectified, they are regarded as non-photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations and no longer apply for subsidies.

JilinThe province has taken four steps in the allocation of indicators. The first reason is to confirm the distribution scale, and the counties (cities, districts) that have submitted the PV Poverty Alleviation Action Plan (2017-2019) and have the implementation conditions of the PV Poverty Alleviation Projects are included in the indicator allocation scale. . The second volume tailoring distribution index, the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office based on the establishment of the number of poverty-stricken households and the poverty alleviation depth of the preliminary allocation of indicators, the Provincial Power Bureau through the party group discussion and study to form a resolution in full compliance with the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office. The third decentralization confirms the owner, and after the indicator is issued, the local government will confirm the project investment entity in a competitive manner according to the relevant requirements of the state and the province. The fourth classification identification ensures accuracy, and all localities are required to classify and score poverty alleviation objects in strict accordance with the norms, and finally confirm the poverty alleviation targets that are subsidized, and give full play to the common advantages of photovoltaic industry poverty alleviation and precision assistance.

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In order to further reduce the cost of project investment and ensure the satisfaction of poverty alleviation after the completion of the project, we will try our best to solve the problem of project construction address change and power grid access, and automatically coordinate all relevant parts and provincial power company, and assisted the Longzhengye poverty alleviation project three times. Construction address. Repeatedly and harmoniously all levels of power supply companies have held special meetings four times, making the project's delivery lines closer, with lower capital costs and more convenient construction.

At the same time, the Provincial Power Bureau actively promoted the early construction of the project and was connected to the grid. Since April 2017, the project was constructed on a monthly or ten-day basis. The project construction was held six times to promote the harmonious meeting and the meeting minutes were issued. Three interviews with Wang Qing and other county and city power supervisors and project owners, two times to send a letter to supervise the work, repeatedly on-site supervision and inspection for the lagging projects, timely handling the difficulties and problems in the construction of the project, and accelerate the construction of the project.

In the next step, the Provincial Power Bureau will continue to promote the construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects in an orderly manner in areas with good land resources, good lighting resources, power grid access and power consumption, in accordance with relevant national policies.

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