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China is expected to enter the era of photovoltaic non-subsidy in 2021.

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-17
According to the latest statement from the Eurasian Clean Power (Solar) Consulting Company, it is estimated that China's photovoltaic industry will enter the era of self-reliance that does not require subsidies in 2021.

The Eurasian Clean Power (Solar Energy) Consulting Company (AECEA) released a new research statement last week that analyzed the consultation of the National Power Agency (NEA) on the “Working Plan for Building a Non-Subsidized (Power Grid) Landscape Project”. file. It reveals the best efforts of China to revitalize the solar industry.

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This year, China National Power Bureau has announced plans to promote the development of unsubsidized landscape projects. They expect to develop new projects without the need for central government subsidies, or the projects that have been proposed can be converted into non-required subsidies.

In order to further promote the domestic solar industry to unsupported solar projects, NEA also announced the revocation of any solar projects that have been agreed for two years but have not started construction or have not applied for extension, and any projects that have been applied for extension, but have not yet begun to extend Projects constructed during the term. All cancelled projects will have to participate in the tendering process of 2019 from scratch as a new construction project.

In addition, other solar projects that require state subsidies are also placed, and all provinces and regions have stopped any bidding for solar projects that require state subsidies until the National Power Bureau confirms the first round of unsubsidized projects.

Jonathan Luan, financial analyst at Bloomberg New Dynamics, said that they are more inclined to give a 34-44 GW conjecture in 2019, given the stimulus directions of the new policy.

When it comes to China's solar industry, the speculations of all parties are relatively high. In the coming months, China's industrial environment will become brighter in 2019, and it will provide more effective guidance for the 2020 conjecture. Let us welcome the unsubsidized era of China's photovoltaic industry!

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