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Why is the operation and maintenance of solar power systems more complicated?

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-25
Nowadays, with the increasing number of large and medium-sized energy storage systems, people are increasingly aware of the need to properly handle the battery energy storage system that is going to be on-line, and demand strong operational and protection programs. The operation and maintenance concept of the solar power generation system is “selling the project first, then considering the operation and protection”, while the energy storage project is different. It is necessary to consider the operational protection and financial process equivalent labor from the beginning. Utilities and other savvy property investors look to understand what type of operations and protection can be supplied, how the operations team will qualify, and how to provide services to ensure the productivity of the new system. In other words, after the energy storage system is deployed, a strong operation and maintenance team and program become an important part of the development and implementation of the production agreement.

There is some overlap between the best practices of the operational protection of solar power systems and energy storage systems: in both cases, protective design promotes healthy operation of the system. Quality products and good layout are one of the best ways to prevent poor system performance. Whenever there is a problem, the speculative protection supported by the high-end data profiling skills is more cost-effective than the post-protection, and its operation and maintenance level is closely related to the financial strength of the operator.

However, if it is said that "the service provided to the energy storage system is not different from the service provided to the solar power generation system", this is misleading. In many respects, the energy storage system is more dangerous to operate and protect, and the financial risks it handles are greater than those of solar power systems. The operational protection of energy storage systems is more cluttered than its solar power generation system, reaching a wider range of components and subsystems, as well as distribution and load handling issues, and requires a higher level of skill training and skilled personnel.

Why is the energy storage system more dangerous? It is no longer just a component work and repair, such as a stalker, inverter or solar panel. The energy storage system is chosen to provide services for many other critical layers of the solar power system. As a supplier of energy storage system for energy storage systems, this is not only related to batteries, but also has expertise in every aspect of the energy storage system, so that it can help to handle the property by ensuring that the energy storage system works at the optimal level. Financial risk.

If the performance of the solar power system is degraded due to unqualified operation and protection services or problems with inverters or faulty panels, although the power generation level is reduced, the solar power system will still operate and can be repaired with proper repairs. . But if the lithium-ion energy storage system suffers from thermal runaway or other degradation, the battery pack will not recover, and the energy storage system may become a permanent low-performance or even stranded property, and the property owner may lose a lot.

Solar charge controller

Inductive skills with multiple skills

It is necessary for the energy storage system operation and maintenance supplier to provide services for the entire energy storage system. Whether it is a containerized lithium ion battery platform or a flow battery, it is necessary to monitor and handle any of various electrical, electromechanical, chemical and thermal subsystems. abnormal situation. There are also firmware and software, fire protection systems and battery handling platform requirements protection. Demand has a keen understanding of heat load curves and other performance indicators as well as potential problems. Skilled personnel demand a set of inductive skills across multiple skills to address any issues that may arise in the life cycle of the system.

Just like the intelligent operation and maintenance skills of solar power generation systems, monitoring, two-way communication and convergence, data analysis and more and more machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms can ensure the energy storage system works well and play a vital role in providing the expected income to the owners. . Although solar power systems or inverters may have dozens of data points to focus on, there are hundreds of concerns in the energy storage system to monitor. Guessing when problems may occur and planning them, rather than reacting after a problem occurs, is more important to the life cycle of the property. The data collected by it is much more confusing, and the things that need to be analyzed are more diverse.

However, if the operation and maintenance vendors have data connections and know which problems are being searched for, then the clutter is not an obstacle to the arrangement. A team of data scientists with machine learning capabilities and the ability to understand all of this data will be an important part of the success of the energy storage system operations and property management in the future.  

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