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Domestic companies have begun to deploy photovoltaic communication

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-25
Communication photovoltaic means that the development of communication equipment promotes the improvement of communication service quality, the expansion of communication service area, the imperfect handling of power supply system in remote areas, the difficulty of power supply from the mains, and the instability of supply of mains, affecting communication base stations. Stable operation.
In order to deal with this problem, the state has advocated the construction of photovoltaic projects in remote areas. The telecom operators such as China Mobile and China Unicom have actively built photovoltaic communication base stations in remote areas. Now they have basically dealt with the problem of lack of power supply in remote areas and improved. Communication quality of the communication base station.

Now let's briefly introduce the principle and structure of solar power supply for communication base stations:

1. Principle and composition of solar photovoltaic power generation

Solar photovoltaic power generation uses solar cells to convert the solar light energy into electrical energy. After the manipulation of the manipulator, it is directly supplied to the corresponding circuit or load power, and on the other hand, the remaining electrical energy is stored in the battery at night. Provide backup power when there is a lack of power in the solar cell.

Main equipment components: solar panels,Photovoltaic controller, bus box, solar panel bracket, battery, cable, etc.  


The manipulator is a monitoring device for actively charging and discharging the battery. When the battery is fully charged, it will actively cut off the charging circuit or convert the charging into a floating charging mode so that the battery is not overcharged. When the battery is over-discharged, it The alarm prompt and related protection actions will be issued in time to ensure that the battery can operate reliably for a long time. When the battery power is recovered, the system actively recovers to a normal state.

2. Load calculation and equipment for solar power generation system

2.1. Resources of Shantou

From the "Renewable Energy Engineering Analysis Software RETScreen", it was found that the average solar radiation value of Shantou reached 3.89 hours, and the solar radiation values ​​in February and March were the smallest, 3.08 and 3.15 hours respectively. At the same time, the system was charged for 3 days.

2.2, solar battery plate equipment

Solar array total power = load power × power consumption time (H) / sunshine peak time (H) / loss factor (0.75);

According to the micro-station equipment, the load power is 100W, the power consumption time is 24 hours, and the peak sunshine time is 3.08 hours;

The total power of the solar array is 100W×24/3.08/0.75=1039W.

2.2, battery equipment


Where: BC is the battery capacity, A is the safety factor, taking between 1.1 and 1.4, generally taking 1.1;

QL is the average daily power consumption of the load, that is, the working current multiplied by the daily working hours;

NL is the longest continuous rainy days;

TO is the temperature correction coefficient, generally taken above 0 ° C;

CC is the discharge depth of the battery, and the general lead-acid battery takes 0.75.

BC=1.1×(2.08×24) ×3×1/0.75=220Ah

Need to be equipped with 2 sets of 120AH batteries.

3, equipment list


Photovoltaic + communication

Off-grid photovoltaicCommunication system shopping mall capacity

China's iron towers use 26,000 base stations for off-grid photovoltaic power supply in remote areas, with a total installed capacity of about 260MWp. Each year, 2,000 newly built off-grid photovoltaic power supply base stations are installed, and the annual installed capacity of solar energy is about 20MWp.

Grid-connected photovoltaic communication system shopping mall capacity

China's iron tower now has 1.2 million base stations that are powered by the mains. Each year, 300,000 new power stations are built, and each base station is equipped with a 5KW photovoltaic distributed generation system, and the installed capacity can reach 1.5GW.


Discussion on the status quo and trend of photovoltaic power station communication access construction plan

With the country's strong support and encouragement for photovoltaic power generation, there are more and more small and medium-sized photovoltaic power plants and distributed photovoltaic power plants.

This paper analyzes the power flow communication access plan of the main stream, and the current distribution network communication construction plan, and then combines the technical requirements of the national grid related policy, and summarizes and discusses the mainstream flow skill planning and construction trends of various types of photovoltaic power station communication access.

mppt 控制器

Station communication should be satisfied with the following requirements:

1.Photovoltaic power stationStation communication should include production management communication and production scheduling communication.

2. For large and medium-sized photovoltaic power stations, in order to meet the demand for production scheduling, it is advisable to set up a production-controlled dispatching switch for unified production and management communication and production scheduling communication.

3. The AC power required for communication equipment in large and medium-sized photovoltaic power stations shall be powered by a dual-circuit AC power source that can be actively switched and secured from different stations.

4. Station communication equipment uses a dedicated communication DC power supply, the power supply should be DC 48v. The capacity of the communication-dedicated power supply shall be confirmed according to the maximum load required for the operation, and the discharge shall be maintained for not less than 1 hour after the AC power supply is de-energized.

5. The photovoltaic power station may not set up the communication room alone, and the communication equipment is installed in the relay room.

System communication should be satisfied with the following requirements:

1. Photovoltaic power stations shall be equipped with dedicated dispatch communication facilities in contact with power dispatching. The communication system should be satisfied with the requirements of dispatching automation, relay protection, safety active devices and dispatching telephones for power communication.

2. There should be a solid dispatching channel between the photovoltaic power station and the grid dispatching organization. The large-scale photovoltaic power station to the power grid dispatching organization should have two independent dispatching channels. The medium-sized photovoltaic power station to the power grid dispatching organization should have two independent dispatching channels.

3. The communication mode and information transmission between the photovoltaic power station and the power grid dispatching organization shall be confirmed by the two sides after consensus, and shall be clearly defined in the access system plan design.

Communication photovoltaic mall big cake

In 2017, the global communication photovoltaic shopping mall is about 130 billion yuan. Among them, China is the largest shopping mall in the global communication photovoltaic industry, accounting for 24.1% of the global total shopping malls; India's communication photovoltaic professional shopping malls rank second, accounting for the global total shopping malls. 19.3%; the size of the malls in other regions is still relatively small.

The new thinker industry researcher said that China's communication photovoltaic career has been developing for a long time and its skills are relatively sophisticated. In recent years, the saturation of domestic shopping malls has been continuously improved, but the competitive pressure of enterprises has been continuously added. Therefore, it is the enterprise to increase competition. The important method of force. In the future, with the spread of mobile communications, the demand for mobile communications in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and India will continue to increase, and the construction speed of communication base stations will accelerate. Therefore, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and India have vast communication photovoltaic shopping malls, which are better destinations for overseas shopping malls.

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