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South America's largest photovoltaic power plant is rising

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-24

Reuters reported on April 23rd that the original title was "inSouth AmericamaximumPhotovoltaic power station"China's power is shining." On the sunny arid plateau in northern Argentina, South America's largestPhotovoltaic power stationIt is rising from the ground up, and its funds and technology are from China. Local officials indicated that they had sought domestic and US and European assistance and failed to return. Potential funding providers are being quelled by the financial predicament of the intent to plan and the local location of Jujuy, one of the poorest provinces in the country. But China's financial organizations don't think so. China's Export-Import Bank provides 85% of the financing for nearly $400 million required for the project.


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This project proves that as a supporter of large-scale intentions, Beijing's influence on new-style shopping malls lacking funds is increasing. This kind of reality is helping our country to be solid as a globalclean energyThe position of the technology leader. The data shows that China has been re-elected as the world's largest clean energy investor for nine consecutive years.

Just as Trump doubled bets on fossil fuels and allowed the US to withdraw from relevant global partnerships, Beijing's majestic “Belt and Road” initiative is placing our companies and innovations at the heart of global infrastructure development. Tim Barkley, director of the US Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, said: "This is one of the ways for China to expand its growing global presence. Our people are gradually turning the world into a concept that has been centered on the United States and Europe for the past 50 years. "This trend is making Washington eager to blame and blame China."

But in Jujuy, officials didn't bother to listen to this. Argentina has set an ambitious energy policy. They said that it is China, not the United States, that is embarking on funds and technology to assist them. “China is the country that has generously opened the door to financing for this project,” said the head of the province’s energy organization to Reuters. The above projects have prompted the province to purchase other commodities through our suppliers. The governor of the province, Morales, told Reuters that the province has become a friendly province with Guizhou Province of China, which will bring more contacts. He is optimistic: "We have received many visiting Chinese companies."

This is one of the highest photovoltaic power plants in the world. Rows of photovoltaic panels extend to the horizon. It is expected that the power supply will start in August this year, which will be enough for 120,000 households. After the expansion, it will supply electricity to 260,000 homes.

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