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Solar photovoltaic products

  • Author:I-PANDA
  • Source:I-PANDA
  • Release on:2018-12-20
Photovoltaic products are ridiculous, and these photovoltaic applications are either fancy, or practical, or around, or in the future.

Solar potted charging tree

Solar Potted Charging Tree (Electree Mini)

Each leaf is a solar panel that adjusts the direction and charges the built-in three-cell battery. You can pass the USB in the bottom basinThe interface charges the phone, and the LED module can also be used to achieve illumination.

solar powered car

Solar energycar

The solar car shed emits electricity for the new energy vehicle to be recharged.

Solar yacht

Solar yacht

As a yacht and home, designer Maxim Zhivov combines the design elements of architecture and luxury yachts to bring the concept of this superyacht to the interior of the entire yacht with solar energy, and the proper deformation adds functionality.

Solar lighting

Solar lighting

The shape is beautiful.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Finally, let's talk about our controller.GalaxyThe series is a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function with a high efficiency MPPT charge controller. It has a wide range of PV input, charger voltage, RS485 or RS232 (optional) and LAN communication port. Modular design, small size, light weight and high conversion efficiency. It is the highest-end product in the solar market.