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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Portugal will achieve 100% renewable energy supply in 2050

Portugal will achieve 100% renewable energy supply in 2050

2019-01-02 16:38:52
Portugal's Minister of Environment and Energy Transformation João Pedro Matos Fernandes revealed that Portugal will achieve its carbon neutrality target by 2050, that is, by 2050, Portugal will cover 100% of its total electricity demand through renewable energy, thereby In 2005, the level was reduced by 85% to 99%.

"Portugal will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, increase electrification to 65% by implementing policies, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70%," the Portuguese government said in a statement. As an intermediate goal, the plan includes covering 80% of the country's total electricity demand with clean energy by 2030.

“Our energy dependence on foreign countries is now 75%. By 2030, this data will fall to 65% and will be 17% by 2050. Now the annual oil use exceeds 65 million barrels, and will not exceed 2050 by 2050. 10 million", the minister explained.

Among them, solar energy may play an important role in the country's energy structure in the next three decades, not only depends on the success of photovoltaic technology and its prospect of significant cost reduction in the near future and in the distant future, but also depends on this fact. , to the current position, compared to other clean energy sources such as wind and hydropower, solar market share? ? Very small and have great potential.

As of the end of September last year, Portugal's total renewable energy generation reached 13.83 GW. According to the Portuguese General Directorate for Energy and Geology (DGEG), hydropower accounts for the largest share of about 7.1 GW, followed by wind power of 5.34 GW, biomass of 580 MW and photovoltaic power generation of 590 MW. However, not all registered PV capacities are currently connected to the grid.

In order to increase the share of solar energy, the Portuguese government is currently planning to hold the country's first renewable energy auction in the second quarter of next year, in which solar energy will be eligible to compete.

As of the end of August, the total capacity of approved large-scale PV projects totaled approximately 1 GW, while the local environmental protection department is reviewing another 1.7 GW of solar power projects.

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