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Why choose Love Pound?

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2019-01-04

First, from the current market feedback perspective

1. From the intuitive view of the B2C platform, the current five-star evaluation rate of our products is above 90%;
2, according to statistics, 2018, the current high-power off-grid power generation system, as long as it is usedMPPT controllerSeven of the 10 units are our MPPT controllers;
3. Our target customers' return rate is gradually increasing every year. The customer turnover rate is around 89% in 2018, the internal production defect rate is reduced to 1.5% every year, and the customer feedback non-performing rate (except for operation and use) is less than 1‰;
4. Our patents on MPPT controllers are up to 50 pieces;
5. In 2018, compared with 2017, the monthly shipments are 2~5 times higher than that of 2017;

Second, our attitude

1. Our mission is to promote the development of the new energy industry. The company and customers, society and employees win-win development, so we constantly strive for excellence, continuous innovation, and constantly introduce new products. The so-called new products are good quality, user experience, and cost-effective. Good; 2018 updated eSmart, wiser series, launched cloud APP, developed new products MARS, RUNNER, EXPLORER, etc.;
2. The company's vision is to be the most reliable MPPT controller manufacturer for users. The company has 8 years of technology for MPPT controllers, and participates in the global professional energy exhibition every year. We continue to grow, precipitate and develop;
3. In the future, we will continue to gather in MPPT controllers, inverters and off-grid systems, so that users can use the off-grid system to install easily, the system configuration is reasonable, and the system is stable and efficient.

three,our service

1. The first requirement of the talents of the marketing department invited by the company is to have the spirit to pay for others, and the market department to survive the fittest;
2. The business personnel of the company's marketing department think that they can meet the needs of customers, create value for customers, and serve customers well;
3. The company regularly trains business service personnel and product technical knowledge for the marketing department personnel, and enhances the technical guidance ability to provide customers with professional system configuration solutions;
4. Our marketing department responds within 24 hours;

four,Our quality

1. The material used in the industry is basically imported, such as IR for three-stage tube, IT for DSP, ruby ​​for black, black diamond, etc.
2. Our engineers are first-class engineers in the industry and have extensive industry and product experience;
3, our MPPT controller product warranty for three years; product has a problem within 24 hours to respond, the product is overseas, not congested, direct 1:1 compensation, free lifetime technical support;

V. Our delivery period

1. We have four comprehensive management systems: quality control system, production management system, industrial management system and economic management system; the four major management systems ensure the procurement of raw materials, production and distribution, etc., to ensure that the products are completed on time and in quantity;