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Photovoltaic goes deep into every corner of life

I-PANDA I-PANDA 2018-12-21 10:09:00
Today, the development of photovoltaics continues to penetrate every corner of life. Let's take a look at what's there.

Photovoltaic wall

1. Photovoltaic products have been transformed into building components according to the requirements of architectural applications, and can be applied to various architectural applications such as windows, awnings, lighting roofs, sunrooms, and agricultural greenhouses.

2. Of course, whether the building is suitable for the use of solar power generation systems requires professional assessment of various aspects of building safety and surrounding environment.

3. High-efficiency photovoltaic modules not only have pure color and good appearance, but also have long power generation time and high power generation efficiency. Even if installed vertically, they can generate electricity well, ensuring the economical and practicality of the project.

Photovoltaic roof

1. Low: The threshold is low. As long as there is a roof, the power station can be built.

2, province: save electricity, electricity does not cost money.

3, earn: surplus electricity online (full online) to sell electricity to make money, stable income for 30 years.

4. Guarantee: One-time investment, the income is 30 years.

5, net: green and environmental protection, reducing smog.

6. Temperature: A spatial buffer layer is formed between the photovoltaic product and the roof. In summer, the indoor temperature can be lowered by 2-6 degrees, and in winter, the indoor heat can be reduced to maintain the heat preservation effect.

Photovoltaic trash can

1, not only can illuminate the sidewalk, but also help people avoid littering when throwing garbage at night.

2, can be used for advertising, promotional slogans, road signs, etc.

Water photovoltaic

1. Promote the effective and comprehensive utilization of developed/undecated water bodies of different types and regions, increase the added value of water bodies, and increase economic benefits.

2. Due to the cooling effect of the water body on the panel, the surface temperature of the component can be suppressed from rising. According to the calculation, if the temperature of the panel is lowered by 1 °C, the power generation can be 10% to 15% higher than that of the ground or rooftop power station in the same area. . At the same time, the surface of the water surface is relatively open, which can effectively avoid the shadow on the efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

3, water photovoltaic arrays on the water can reduce photosynthesis, inhibit algae growth, improve water quality.

4. The coverage of the components can reduce the amount of water evaporated and save water resources.

5, during the day can provide power to the fish pond oxygen pump, at night can help farmers to brighten the water surface, attract flying insects to the surface of the water, can feed the fish to feed the shrimp, so that the crops around the fish pond from the pests, to achieve real Green ecological farming.

Photovoltaic light

1. Flexible and convenient: Suitable for all-weather work, its biggest advantage is reflected in the use of solar energy and its convenient mobility and flexibility. The use of solar photovoltaic energy does not require external power supply, construction and installation cycle is short, and it is easy to carry, and can be used alone in any place that requires warning reminders.

2, the role of warning: urban roads, traffic gaps, etc. need to install night warning signs need to be traffic lanes or guidance, to remind drivers and pedestrians to pay attention.

3, urban beautification: urban green space, scenic spots, rivers and lakes embankment, road and bridge guardrails, etc., can be used to mark the boundaries, prevent trampling, suggesting the role of safety, while playing a great role in the urban night landscape Beautification.

4. Emergency instructions: It is equipped on the engineering motor vehicle. In case of accidents at night, it can be taken out at the front of the car and behind the car at any time to play the role of warning, help and on-site protection.

MPPT solar controller

1. High conversion efficiency, up to 99%; 

2. Support all types of PV panels, such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, etc.; 

3. Rich load working mode: such as time control, pure light control, light control + time control, manual, debug mode, long open mode;  

4. Good circuit protection functions, including PV reverse connection protection, PV over current protection, battery reverse connection protection, battery over voltage protection, battery over discharge protection, load over current protection, load short circuit protection, etc.