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NEW Launched High power Galaxy series MPPT Solar Controller

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2017-07-28

The competition increasing fiercely in the MPPT solar controller market, a brutal price war is under way and becomes obvious, some company take the low price competition to win the market. However, I-Panda focus on a greater R&D and innovation to get the market.
With 3 years experience of Market Research and R&D of MPPT controller ( Max. Power point tracking ), High power and voltage of Galaxy series have succeeded to introduce to market. During marketing promotion and feedback for month, it win reputation from more and more our customers.

Galaxy series MPPT solar controller be applied to big solar off-grid system (independent system), Escort for the big off grid system. It has an advanced tracking algorithm to get the Max. Power of solar panel, and then charge the battery. Meanwhile, the Low voltage protect function to avoid excessive discharge and damage to the battery.
As following is the main feature of Galaxy series MPPT controller;
1. Designed by DSP (digital signal processor), High precision for Battery voltage stable control
2. System Integration with high conversion efficiency, MPPT(Maximum power point tracking) efficiency upto 99.6%, the whole products conversion efficiency higher than 98%
3. Wide PV input voltage working range, suitable for lots system, connect more panels in series.
Widely used in different solar system
4. Using most reliable circuit topology & SIC, IGBT etc. Famous brand components.
5. perfect protection: pv & Battery Reverse Polarity protection, PV over current protection, Over charge current protection, Overload protection, PV Under Voltage Protection, Battery Under Voltage Protection, load Under Voltage Protection, system over temperature protection, etc.
6. LCD Display, show kinds of charge information, easy for user to setting and using.
7. Communication can chose by RS232, RS485 and LAN via Ethernet.
8. Suitable for mobile APP , easy to display,  Monitor control and settings, to make user have a better using feeling. To win market and CO-WIN.
In terms of appearance: Adopt aluminum profile and three heat sink inside design.
Not only has the fashionable appearance, the cooling also receive the strong guarantee.
Meanwhile, the machine with four operation buttons and large LCD screen,which more intuitive to reading data and setting parameter.
The following is the product pictures:

At present, A few manufacturer have real MPPT controller production technology and capacity in domestic.After independent technical innovation, I-Panda succeed to launch MPPT solar charge controller with mature technology and international leading level.
What's more,make a major breakthrough in big power MPPT charge controller. To be the blockbuster product in our company