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Introduction to solar energy

Han I-Panda 2018-12-15 08:46:01
Solar energy refers to the solar radiant energy (see the three methods of heat energy transmission: radiation). The primary manifestation is the solar light. In modern times, it is generally used to generate electricity or to supply energy to water heaters.

Since the birth of life on earth, the heat radiation from the sun has been the primary source of survival. Since ancient times, humans have also been able to dry objects and use them as food, such as salt and salted fish. With the ever-decreasing fossil fuels, solar energy has become an important part of human energy use and continues to grow. The use of solar energy has two methods of photothermal conversion and photoelectric conversion. Solar power generation is a new type of renewable energy. Solar energy in a broad sense also includes wind energy, chemical energy, and water energy on the earth.

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