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PV prices rebound, the market is expected to rise

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-26
In mid-April, the drafts of the two major photovoltaic policies for affordable Internet projects and subsidized projects were issued. A stone provokes a thousand waves, although it is only a draft for comments, but it is enough to make photovoltaic malls crazy. Ten days after the policy was released, the mall has now responded.

Last week, the author analyzed the situation of the shopping malls in the second quarter and the second half of the relevant parties (the overview can be clicked: the trend of PV shopping malls in 2019). The analysis believes that the priority of the Internet project is expected to quickly boost the domestic demand of the store; at the same time, the household project is similar to the "first come, first served" access subsidy method, and will also open the competition in the field of household use. Under such circumstances, the price of photovoltaic products is expected to rise in the short term. This forecast is now fulfilled.

Photovoltaic module

PV prices have risen slightly

NewestPhotovoltaic productsThe quotation shows that the prices of single crystal materials, monocrystalline silicon wafers, polycrystalline solar cells, high-efficiency single crystal cells, and single polycrystalline components have risen to varying degrees. It can be seen that after the release of the policy, the shopping malls are expected to rise, the stocking of various enterprises has started, and the demand for shopping malls has warmed up, thus affecting the quotation.

In detail, the average price of polycrystalline materials is 63 yuan/kg, which is not much different from last week. The average price of single crystal materials has reached 75 yuan/kg, up 1.35% from 74 yuan/kg last week. .

The price of polysilicon wafers is still falling. After falling below 2 yuan/piece last week, the latest average price has reached 1.94 yuan/piece, down 1.02%; the price of monocrystalline silicon wafers has reached 3.08 yuan/piece, up 0.65%.

The polycrystalline cell has a relatively large increase, the latest average price is 0.85 yuan / W, up 4.95%; the average price of conventional monocrystalline cells is 0.93 yuan / W, down 1.06%; the average price of high-efficiency single crystal cells rose 0.87 % to 1.16 yuan / W; special high efficiency single crystalbatteryThe price of the film is 1.22 yuan / W, basically unchanged.

In terms of components, the price of single polycrystalline components has risen. In the meantime, the price of 270W polycrystalline components was 1.71 yuan/W; the price of 280 W polycrystalline components increased by 4.57% to 1.83 yuan/W; the price of 290W single crystal modules rose by 2.75%, and the latest average price was 1.87 yuan/W; the latest 300W monocrystalline modules The price was 2.07 yuan / W, up 3.5%.

The above can be found that, except for a few links, basically all the prices of photovoltaic products are in a stable and rising state. In the meantime, the price increase of efficient products has become more and more obvious.

Sine wave controller

Grab the tide, the price will not rise

The rise in the price of photovoltaic products means that the domestic PV shopping malls that have been suspended in the past have officially started, what will happen in the future?

The author believes that in the remaining time of the second quarter, enterprises should start to stock low-cost Internet projects and household projects, so the demand for shopping malls will continue to pull momentum. In the second half of the year, the start of the non-subsidized project will trigger a new wave of rushing, and the mall in the second half will be available.

That is to say, in the remaining time of 2019, domestic PV shopping malls will have more stable shopping malls. Does this mean that the price of photovoltaic products will rise sharply? The answer is no.

First of all, from the first half of the year, the affordable online project can not obtain subsidies, so the cost control becomes the key. If the price of a certain type of photovoltaic products is higher than that of a cheap online project, then such products will be excluded from the cheap Internet project. Similarly, the subsidy specifications for household PV projects are also continuing to decline, and household projects are small in size and low in power generation, and are increasingly inclined to be efficient and low-cost products.

From the perspective of subsidized projects, all subsidized projects need to obtain subsidies through bidding. In the form of competition, the price of the subsidized project will be infinitely close to the cost of the capital, so that it can stand out in the auction. In this way, in order to ensure the profitability of the project, the price of the photovoltaic product is too high and the unsubsidized project will be unacceptable.

Overall, although there is a relatively stable demand for shopping malls, under the cost control requirements of the project, the price of photovoltaic products is unlikely to show a big increase. Even in the context of “reducing costs and increasing efficiency”, the price of photovoltaic products mustAdhere to the overall steady decline.

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