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Little knowledge about inverters - two

the Internet 2018-12-24 12:02:10
4. What electrical appliances can the sine wave inverter be used for?

The modified sine wave is also divided into several types, from a square wave that is similar to a square wave to a rounded trapezoidal wave that is closer to a sine wave. Only square waves are discussed here, which is also the waveform that most high frequency inverters can provide. This type of modified sine wave inverter can be applied to notebook computers, televisions, combination audio, video cameras, digital cameras, printers, various chargers, palm power, game consoles, DVD players, mobile DVDs, home therapy devices. And so on, the inverter with large output power can also be applied to small electric heating appliances such as hair dryers, electric cups, kitchen appliances and the like. However, it is not suitable for the inductive load electrical appliances such as refrigerators and electric drills to be powered by the modified sine wave inverter for a long time. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the inverter and related electrical products or shorten the expected service life. Let's take a look at the case where the modified sine wave inverter is applied to a TV set. The TV has the following three requirements for the inverter: First, when the TV is turned on, the degaussing circuit has a great instantaneous demand for electric energy, so the peak power requirement of the inverter is very high. A 29-inch digital color TV, the power consumption is about 80 watts under normal working conditions, and the instantaneous power of the boot is as high as 1,450 watts. Second, because the field frequency of the TV set is equal to the AC grid frequency, the frequency at which the inverter outputs AC power must be accurate. Third, the inverter should not cause interference to the TV set. Even if the above three conditions are met, when the TV uses quasi-sinusoidal AC power, there will still be several fixed interference patterns on the screen, and the color will be slightly greenish.

I saw it before I knew that the inverter had such little knowledge and I knew that the inverter had such little knowledge.

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5. What is the efficiency of the inverter?

The inverter itself consumes a portion of its power when it is operating, and its input power is greater than its output power. That is to say, the efficiency of the inverter is the ratio of the input power of the inverter to the output power. An inverter inputs 100 watts of direct current and outputs 80 watts of alternating current, so its efficiency is 80%.

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6. What is the continuous output power? What is the peak output power?

Some electric appliances or tools that use electric motors, such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric drills, etc., require a large amount of current to drive at the moment of starting. Once the start-up is successful, only a small current is needed to maintain its normal operation. So for the inverter, there is a concept of continuous output power and peak output power. The continuous output power is the rated output power; the general peak output power is twice the rated output power. It is worthwhile that the starting currents like air conditioners and refrigerators are equivalent to 3-9 times the normal operating current. There must be an inverter that can meet the peak power of the appliance to ensure normal operation.

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