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Little knowledge about inverters - three

the Internet 2018-12-24 12:19:17

7. How should I connect the inverter to the power supply and load?

Use the appliance below 100 watts to directly plug the 150 watt inverter plug into the cigarette lighter socket. The inverter of more than 150 watts is directly connected to the battery through the crocodile clip wire. The red wire is connected to the battery positive pole, and the black wire is connected to the battery negative pole (not reversed, remember!) If the power is far from the battery, the inverter is connected. The principle is that the connection between the inverter and the battery should be as short as possible, and the output line of the 220 volt AC does not matter.

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8. How much power can the car cigarette lighter socket output?

Generally, the power is taken from the cigarette lighter socket, and the inverter should be able to drive a power appliance with a power of one hundred watts.

9. Can I use an inverter when I turn off the car engine?

Yes, when using low-power appliances below 300 watts, a typical car battery can provide about 25-55 minutes of power when the engine is turned off. For example, if you only use a 40-watt laptop, the time is up. Longer. Generally, the inverter has an undervoltage warning and undervoltage protection circuit. When the battery is used for a long time, the voltage is reduced to 10 volts, the undervoltage protection circuit is started, the output voltage is cut off and an alarm is issued to prevent the battery from being under voltage. Unable to start the engine accident.

I saw it before I knew that the inverter had such little knowledge and I knew that the inverter had such little knowledge.

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10. What if I want to use the inverter for a long time without starting the engine?

A separate battery is provided. The positive and negative poles are connected to the positive and negative poles of the original vehicle battery with a sufficiently thick wire. The independent use time of the inverter can be doubled.

11. What is the danger of using an inverter?

From the car battery to the input end of the inverter, this wire carries a large current. If the quality of the wire is not good or the wire is too thin and the load is too high, it will easily cause the copper wire to heat up and cause a fire. Therefore, the operation should be standardized during the use of the inverter.

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