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Little knowledge about inverters - four

the Internet 2018-12-24 12:23:55
12. How do you know the battery capacity?

There are a lot of letters and numbers printed on the battery. Just find the word XXAH and you can know which one is a large capacity battery. Let me first talk about the meaning of AH, A for amp., the unit of current, and H for hour. The two letters together mean "ampere hours", which is how many amps of current can be continuously output in an hour. The previous XX is usually two numbers, the number of amps. For example, 120AH means that this battery can be output in one hour.

(12 volts) 120 amps of current. As for the power that this battery can output, we multiply 12 volts by 120 amps to get 1440 watts. This is the theoretical value of the output power of this battery, which is actually less than this value.

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13. What kind of battery is used in the family car?

Most small cars with a displacement of less than 1.3 liters are equipped with 40-45 ampere-hours, 1.6-2.0 liters for medium-sized cars with 50-60 ampere-hours, and medium-sized and large cars with 2.0 liters or more are equipped with 60-80 amps. When the battery. Off-road vehicles and utility vehicles are generally equipped with larger battery capacities than cars of the same size. The voltage of the battery is generally 12 volts for the car.

I saw it before I knew that the inverter had such little knowledge and I knew that the inverter had such little knowledge.

14. How to equip with a suitable inverter?

If the battery specification is 12 volts 120 amps, we multiply 12 volts by 120 amps to give a battery output of 1440 watts. If the efficiency of the inverter is 80%, then we use 80% multiplied by 1440 watts to get 1152 watts. This means that the battery can drive an inverter with an output of up to 1440 watts (there is no such value, that is, 1200 watts). There is also an important precaution. When using the inverter, do not run it for a long time at full load. Otherwise, the life of the inverter will be greatly shortened, and the failure rate of the inverter will also rise significantly. It is best to use the inverter at a temperature not exceeding 80% of the rated power, and do not use it continuously for a long time.

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15. What should I pay attention to when using the inverter?

First, the inverter is used according to the specifications. Secondly, the output voltage of the inverter is 220 volts AC, which is in a small space and is movable to prevent electric shock. Turn off the input power when not in use. Third, the operating temperature of the inverter should not exceed 45 degrees. Fourth, the inverter will heat up when it is working. Do not place objects near or on it. Fifth, the inverter is afraid of water and should not be sprinkled with water.

16. Why is the displayed voltage lower than 220 volts when measuring the AC output of a quasi-sine wave inverter using a conventional multimeter?

This phenomenon is normal because a versatile table with a 'true RMS' should be used to measure the sine wave AC voltage to get the correct reading.

17. How to choose an inverter product?

The inverter is a power product that works in high current and high frequency environments, and the potential failure rate is quite high. Be careful when buying. First select the inverter output waveform, preferably not lower than the modified sine wave; in addition, the inverter must have circuit protection function; finally, the manufacturer's popularity is very important.

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