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Last year, global PV grid connection increased by 94 GW Asia 64GW

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-08
The World Renewable Energy Organization has shown that the increase in Asia, the United States, and a few countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East has helped PV become the driving force behind the renewable boom of the previous year.

The statistics released by the organization show that in 2018, about 94GW was launched globally.Grid-connected photovoltaic power generationThe project accounts for more than half of all new renewable energy projects (171 GW), and renewable energy now accounts for one-third of global installed capacity.

PV has jumped from 386GW in 2017 to 480GW in 2018. This profession has maintained a rapid upward trend for several years, and the installed capacity has increased year by year: 2013 (135GW), 2014 (173GW), 2015 ( 221GW) and 2016 (292GW).

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China's 45GW new photovoltaic project

In the previous year, 94GW of PV projects were added globally, during which the number of new projects in Asia was 64GW (from 210GW to 274GW). It is clear that Asia has become the driving force behind this career development. Data from the World Renewable Energy Organization show that China (130GW to 175GW), Japan (29GW to 55GW), India (17GW to 26GW), Korea (5.8GW to 7.8GW) and Pakistan (742MW to 1.5GW) are 2017-2018 The fastest growing country in the year.

In addition, the United States (42GW to 49GW), Europe (110GW to 119GW) and Australia (5.9GW to 9.76GW) also steadily promoted the construction of photovoltaic projects in the previous year. European hotspot countries include Germany (42.3GW to 45.9GW) and the Netherlands (2.9GW to 4.1GW), while France (8.6GW to 9.4GW), Italy (19GW to 20GW) and Spain (4.72GW to 4.74GW) are also in 2018. Years have increased in varying degrees.

At the same time, projects have been added to the mainland and regions that have fallen behind, such as South America (3.4GW to 5.4GW), Africa (3.7GW to 5.1GW), and Eurasia (3.6GW to 5.6GW, most of which are located in Turkey). And the Middle East (2.07GW to 3.02GW). The World Renewable Energy Organization listed Mexico (674MW to 2.5GW) and Brazil (1.09GW to 2.29GW) as the highlights of the 2018 PV project.

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Global off-grid photovoltaic power generation reaches 2.9GW

Following the continuous increase in 2015 (1.5GW), 2016 (1.98GW) and 2017 (2.5GW), the off-grid PV project continued to climb in 2018, generating 2.9GW.

Distinguishing between the mainland and the region, the World Renewable Energy Organization once again ranks Asia (1.36GW to 1.6GW) as a leader. Africa (853MW to 938MW) ranked second, followed by the Middle East (156MW to 206MW), Central America, the Caribbean (88MW to 88.9MW) and South America (73MW to 81MW).


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