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This year, it is estimated that the global installed capacity of 129GW

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-08
IHS Markit, a global business information consultancy, has shown that the global solar PV market growth rate will rebound from the single digit in 2018 to 25% in 2019, with an estimated new plan reaching 129 GW.

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The addition of this recovery comes primarily from stores outside China, with an estimated 43% added in 2019. As the cost of photovoltaics continues to decline, demand is added. It is estimated that during the forecast period, projects in Spain, Vietnam and other countries will be significantly added in 2019.

In view of the traces of current development activities, the world's largest photovoltaic mall China will reach 25% after 2019 when it reaches 45 GW in 2018. According to the latest situation, most of these devices will appear in the second half of this year.

“China’s vision is still highly uncertain, as the new PV support plan has not yet been released,” said Josefin Berg, research and analysis manager at IHS Markit.

In particular, it is estimated that the United States will surpass India in 2019 and become the second largest PV market again. Because the 30% tax credit (ITC) is completed this year, some projects will be eager to end before the deadline. Josefin Berg stated, “Although the Safe Harbor policy implemented in 2018 may lead to the project being postponed until the end of the second half of the year, it is undoubted that the US solar PV shopping malls will start to flourish in 2019.”

In India, the push for lower bid prices has led to several tender delays and may change the future of India when the cost is made more expensive by guaranteeing tariffs.Solar photovoltaicthe mall.

In Europe, after the cancellation of the minimum import price policy, Europe was the region with the largest increase in the past year. The installed capacity increased by 23% in 2018, reaching 12 GW, and it is estimated that more than 19 GW will be added in 2019. Device planning. In the Spanish region alone, the revitalized public utility planning mall has added nearly 60% of the installed capacity.

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