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Last year China's PV inverter export enterprises ranked

the Internet 2019-04-04 11:53:05

According to the report of Century New Energy Network, China's photovoltaic inverter export data in 2018 shows that China's inverter exports amount to about 1.82 billion US dollars (including photovoltaic, wind power, automotive power, etc.). In the meantime,Photovoltaic inverterThe top 30 companies accounted for 46.49%.

Compared with the 2017 export volume data, Huawei successfully defended the top three, Sunshine Power has remained strong, still ranked second, Jinlang Technology, which just listed on the A-share market, ranked third. Only two of the top 500 companies in the world plus A sharesInverterThe listed companies in the main business constitute the top three teams, and the law of the strong Hengqiang has been verified again.

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New style shopping malls are hot

In terms of exporting countries, the ranking has not changed much. The top four rankings are in line with 2017, and the US still maintains its number one position, accounting for 22.32% of the approximately 407 million US dollars, down approximately 1 percentage point year-on-year. The Netherlands accounted for 16.01% of the US$292 million, an increase of about 1% year-on-year. India accounted for 8.49% of the US$155 million, and the mall increased by 43.31%. The total share of the top ten countries in terms of exports was 72.41%.

It is understood that after the introduction of the ‘531’ policy, many PV companies will focus on overseas shopping malls and gradually expand their share.

Now, Sunshine Power and Shangneng Electric have 3GW in India.InverterProduction capacity, Huawei, Sunshine Power has a large share of the market in Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, North America. Jinlang Technology has a large share of shopping malls in Europe, Australia, India and the Americas. According to the report of Jinlang Technology, the production and sales ratio of the main product string inverters of the company in 2018 has reached more than 97%, and the performance is very bright. On the other hand, companies such as the Distributed Mall, Guruvat, have had a very good influence in Europe, Australia, North America and India.

At present, the pattern of overseas shopping malls, traditional shopping malls have been solidified, and the brand enterprises and customers in the shopping malls have reached a certain balance in supply and demand. Regarding the second- and third-line inverter companies, new shopping malls in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America still have breakthrough space, but these stores are also mainstream.InverterThe direction in which enterprises are actively developing.

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At the beginning of 2019, Huawei was selected as the only inverter supplier for the 300MW Sakaka plant in Saudi Arabia. Together, Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. announced that it has signed a 1.5GW inverter supply agreement with India's photovoltaic power plant EPC Larsen & Toubro Limited (LNT). Different from the traditional photovoltaic market, in the pattern of China's inverter enterprises, the road to the sea is basically at the same starting line. Perhaps this is the only advantage they have in the new mall.


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