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Japanese market "passionate" high-yield photovoltaic power station is favored

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-12
Although the Japanese government has continuously lowered the FIT (Renewable Power Fixed Price Buying Criteria) subsidy rate in recent years, commercial photovoltaic projects (installation volume)
The FIT purchase price of ≥10KW) has dropped from 40 yen/kWh in 2012 to 14 yen/kWh in 2019, but the certified light has been certified during the high price period.Volvo Power Station is very popular in buying and selling shopping malls because of its high income.

According to the "West Japan Economic News" report, recently, Japan's photovoltaic power stationThe sale and purchase of shopping malls has attracted the attention of many investors. More than half of the photovoltaic power generation companies in the Shenzhou area indicated that they are interested in participating in the power station purchase.The same from the "2019 China PV Power Plant Assets Trading White Paper" shows that the trading volume in 2016 is close to 100MW, and 2017 is beyondAt 250MW, photovoltaic power plants entered the stage of shopping malls dominated by sales. According to a professional statement issued by Yano Economic Research Institute, Japan in 2019The PV plant asset trading volume is estimated to be 600MW, and it is expected to reach 800MW in 2020, more than three times the 2017 level.

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller

The mall is "enthusiastic"

In 2018, the Shenzhou Environmental Power Industry Promotion Organization and the China Economic Inquiry Association on the purchase and sale of power plant assets and other issues, the light of the Shenzhou regionThe power generation company conducted a calculation query. The data shows that among the operators of low-voltage PV projects below 50KW, “considering” and “in the future”Perhaps consider "the share of purchasing photovoltaic power plants is 53.6%; among the operators of high-voltage photovoltaic projects above 50KW, this share is 53.2%.The sale of PV power plants is relatively low, and among the low-voltage and high-voltage operators, it indicates “willing” or “may consider” to sell the power station.The shares were 34.3% and 19% respectively.

“Some companies will pick up the initial investment and then sell the power station.” The person in charge of the inquiry indicated that “the 2017 FIT Act was revised after the power generation equipment.The protection and other related rules have become more stringent. Considering the long-term operation and maintenance and the cost of abandonment, some companies will have to sell PV.Power station. ”

Through the data of the intermediary company and the website, it can be seen that the enthusiasm of the mall for the sale of power stations is also increasing. EDREAMER in 2014In the year, the company started the business of buying and selling power stations. Up to now, the company has completed more than 50 transactions. In the photovoltaic power station trading network

Station "TAINAVI power generationAt present, about 338 companies have released sales information. The person in charge of the website said that since the establishment of the website, the number of registered members has increased.There are 13,000 people, 80% of whom are individual members. "In general, power stations with a yield of around 10% are very common, so many people choose to buy electricity.Station as an investment. ”

Ren Yi, president of the renewable power generation development and construction company "Maru Ren Japan", said that the company bought one in Jiama City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 2016.Home photovoltaic power station, the total installed capacity of the power station is 2400KW, the FIT purchase price is as high as 40 yen / kWh, the annual yield exceeds 10%, and nowIt plans to issue a small source of securities development funding, and thus “often receives advice and hopes to purchase a power station”.

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller

Abandoned light needs improvement

It is worth noting that Shenzhou, as one of the regions with the largest installed capacity of photovoltaics in Japan, has become increasingly serious in the past year. To the useful improvement, it is bound to involve the power station trading mall. According to Japanese media calculations, since October 2018, Shenzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd. announced the first binding of lightSince the grid system was connected to the grid, by April 2 this year, it has accumulated 28 light. A number of operators have indicated that although the abandoned light did not occur for the sale of the power station Impact, if the future abandonment situation continues to intensify, the power station with better consumption will obviously be more valued by the mall.

On the other hand, after the enthusiasm of the shopping mall was ignited, many problems such as the lack of evaluation standards for photovoltaic power generation equipment also appeared. Photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance tube Different levels of management mean that power generation efficiency is different, and the value of power plant assets is different. Although the Japan Solar Power Association has now developed Protection and maintenance rules, but according to the query of the NGO group "PVOwnerNetworkJapan", even if the company believes that there is "no fault"It is not uncommon for power stations to reduce power generation.

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