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Uzbekistan plans to build 25 large-scale photovoltaic power plants in the future

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-12
According to Uzbekistan News Network reported on April 8, Ukrainian Deputy Minister Hajayev told the news media that the Ukrainian government plans to build 25 large-scale solar photovoltaic power plants in the next 10 years.

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller

Hajayev pointed out that the first 100 megawatt solar power station in Uzbekistan will be located in Navois. It has received more than 20 foreign companies' letter of intent to participate in the construction. Uzbekistan will speed up the qualification and material review work and compete for completion in 2019. Bidding and launching of the project construction is expected to be completed and put into operation within 2 years. By 2030, the total number of large-scale solar power stations will reach 25.

Earlier, Canada Sky Power plans to invest $1.3 billion in Tashkent, Samarkand, Navoi, Gizac, Surhan, Kashkadariya, etc. Construction of solar power stations, and overall responsibility for project design, financing, construction, operation and other aspects. In April 2018, President Milziyoev had signed a relevant presidential decree in this regard.

In addition, the Uzbekistan Abu Dhabi future power company "Mazdar" and the French clean power company "TOTALEREN" also showed strong interest in investing in solar power plants in Uzbekistan.

At present, the solar power station built by the German clean power company “GraessEnergy” in the Muynak area of ​​the Ukrainian Karakakstan Autonomous Republic has started construction of the project, with a designed power of 20 MW and a total budget of about 24 million US dollars.

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller

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