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Columbia's largest photovoltaic power plant project

the Internet 2019-04-12 09:10:03
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in Colombia's largest photovoltaic power plant to date, and Colombia's top leadership welcomed the country's “renewable power innovation”.

President Iván Duque and Minister of Power María Fernanda Suárez attended the inauguration of the 86.2MW El Paso Power Station, a project developed by Enel Green Power Colombia.

The construction of the power station began in May of the previous year. The power station uses 250,000 modules and generates 176 GWh per year, which is integrated into the National Grid of Colombia through the El Paso substation.

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller

The first success of photovoltaics in the auction of reliable charges

As President Duque pointed out,Photovoltaic power stationIt is the first power station to generate electricity under the so-called reliable charging plan.

In March of this year, Colombia signed a contract with El Paso under the auction plan and signed a project contract with Emgesa alone. According to the auction plan, Colombia will sign an alternative power contract to promote the development of the Colombian power system that relies on hydropower during the dry period.

President Duque, who was elected in June last year, said: “For those who are not possible for this government, the information is now clear. What we show to Colombian citizens is that renewable power innovation is now beginning. It is."

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Solar charge controller

Call for a new framework for self-use projects

The opening of the El Paso power station injects fresh air into the fascinating photovoltaic profession in Colombia. The Diverxia 240MW and Celsia 8.8MW large-scale follow-up projects will further promote the development of photovoltaic projects. According to IRENA, the PV project built in Colombia last year was 87MW.

The government has adopted a variety of hybrid methods to influence renewable power development through auctions. Although the robust charging program was successful, the single bid for a large clean power project was cancelled in February and the de novo bidding plan will be held in the second quarter of 2019.

At the same time, the relevant parties proposed to provide subsidies for domestic off-grid PV projects in Colombia's poorer non-energized cities. Last week, a committee of SER Colombia members of the Renewable Power Association called for a new framework for distributed power generation regulation. The team claimed that although the government has adopted constructive emotions, the self-use projects still face obstacles.

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