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To be a happiness man in I-Panda

  • Author:John
  • Release on:2014-06-20

Our MPPT solar controller Team think of ourselvesas the happiest person whenever one walks into the office, and most peoplenotice his smile right away. Here are 20 ways you can find yourself as happy aswe are.

1.Let it go.

When someone criticizes you or sayssomething not-so-nice, just forget it. Worse things have been uttered in humanhistory. Even when you know the person meant it, remember that you becomestronger by accepting them for who they are and knowing your capabilities.

2. Be kind.

People who are mean and feel the need toput others down are insecure with themselves. But when you are kind to others,kindness returns to you.

3. Think of your problems as challenges.

When you come up against a difficulty,whether a person or an event, consider what your future self will have learnedfrom it. I believe it was Kanye West, or maybe Nietszche, who said, “Whatdoesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

4. Express gratitude.

When you let people know that youappreciate them, they are more willing to help you in the future. Saying thankyou is more than good manners—it’s karma.

5. Dream big.

The happiest person has reached the highestlevel of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs—self-actualization. If you want to behappy you must work hard to achieve something, and strive to attain that life goal.

6. Speak well of others.

The Buddhist notion of “right thought,right action” is an important one. It’s in the mind that negativity starts. Byclearing your head of negative ideas of others, you will clear your mind ofproblems, worries and fears, and you won’t be tempted to gossip or speak illand bring that negativity back to you.

7. Be in the now.

Yes, you have to do your laundry and cleanthe bathroom when you get home, but while you’re here now eating thischeeseburger, just enjoy the cheeseburger. Then apply this lesson to all othermoments of pleasure and work—you can deal with the little stuff later.

8. Do not compare yourself to others.

As soon as you start this, you fall into atrap of ego, a grasping at the temporal, fleeting aspects of reality. Instead,think about what you have that makes you happy, or at least satisfied.

9. Realize you don’t need others’ approval.

As long as you do what makes you happy, youdon’t need other people to condone your actions. This will free you to act onwhat you believe, which will instill confidence into your every act.

10. Be honest.

Lies, even little ones, imply that you arewilling to be lied to in return. But when you keep your conversation honest,you will maintain a higher level of integrity in your world.

11. Take time to listen.

The happiest person doesn’t interruptbecause she knows that if she wants to be heard, she has to listen to others.By listening instead of waiting to speak, you can understand what motivatesothers, which can help you build rapport with them and understand yourself.

12. Accept what can’t be changed.

Sure, I wish I was taller, smarter, andbetter looking. But I’m not. As soon as I realized that I wasn’t going to bePresident of the U.S.A., I figured out what I did want to do with my life:write.

13. Read daily selections from a book ofwisdom.

Magazines and newspapers are all well andgood, but the reason people throughout history have dedicated their lives toreligion and philosophy is because of the wisdom these sacred texts hold. Itdoesn’t matter if it’s a Bible, Torah or Quran verse, reading these books ofwisdom will remind you of what came before and what will come after you.

14. Travel at least two weeks of the year.

It’s even better if it’s foreign travel.Alas, getting out of the country can be expensive. When you go somewheredifferent, to remind yourself of how people live in places other than thosethat you’re used to, you will be happy to return to what you have when it’stime.

15. Catch yourself before negativitystarts.

Yeah, it’s easy to read the above pointsand say, okay, I get it. But the hardest part of being happy is realizing whennegativity starts to creep into your mind and from there, getting rid of it.

16. Dress well.

You’re only as good as you feel, and youcan only feel good if you look good. Personal hygiene, grooming, and fashionenter into this. Rarely will you find someone well-dressed crying bythemselves.

17. Enjoy sadness.

John Keats said that in the “temple ofdelight melancholy has her sovran shrine.” In other words, at the heart ofevery joy is a glimmer of sadness waiting to shine through. The same goes forsadness—within every pain is a reversal of fortune that will lead you to feelhappy again. So when those moments come, enjoy them. They won’t last long.

18. Eat well.

You are what you eat, so if you’re stuffingyourself with cheeseburgers and hot dogs every day, chances are you areoverweight and you lack energy and mental clarity. Instead, make sure to eatenough fruit and vegetables, protein and carbohydrates—and indulge inmoderation.

19. Keep in touch with your friends andfamily.

Your family—in most cases—loves youunconditionally. It’s important to keep in touch with them, whether it’s aweekly phone call or an annual visit. Friends too help to inspire and supporthappy people. Take time out of your week to communicate with them.

20. Be alone.

The happiest person is comfortable spendingtime by himself. That’s because he loves himself. A lot. He is just ascomfortable spending an entire day alone as he is spending it with someoneelse. You should be too.