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100 monitoring ability I-Panda ISOLAR software comes into the market

  • Author:John
  • Release on:2014-06-17


ISolar is a management & monitorsoftware which is researched and developed by I-Panda,by using both the Serial and TCP communications, this software can centralize monitor avariety of new energy products including MPPT solar controller and  Invertercontroller all-in-one machine. promptlyand efficiently, also users can understand the equipment status and argumentsthrough local or remote way, thus it better control and manage their solar system.

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1.Quick and easy installation,supports multiple operating systems;

2.Using B/S structure, supportsPC, mobile phones and tablet PC visit via WEB browser, you do notneed to install client software, visit the system convenient and fast;

3.Smart pallet management, userare accessible to stop and start the monitoring service operations through thesystem tray;

4.Powerful management functions,three level user permission settings;

5.Retrieve password. When a userforgets password, user can login page "forgot password" function toretrieve the password, the system email password to the user's registered emailaddress, and notify the user to change the password immediately;

6.Centralized monitoring, morethan one (up to 100) working condition of the equipments and data can be viewedon one screen at the same time ;

7.Instant message, parametersettings, instant control;

8.Historical data, historicalevents queries and export reporting function;

9.Humanized operationinterface,it’s very elegant;

10.Supports Chinese and English switch;

Monitor states:

1. Majority controllers working states

2. Specific controller working states