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Energy will become cheaper

the Internet 2019-04-23 13:43:06
NetherlandsThe Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) shows that renewable power will not only bring a cheaper power system, but will also create more new business, export and employment opportunities and a cleaner environment.

The organization wrote in its statement "Power will become cheaper," if more funding is usedRenewable powerR & D, the Dutch power transformation can be lower.

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Solar power generation, solar off-grid controller,12 volt solar controller

The authors describe two situations up to 2050: the cost of solar and wind power generation has steadily declined; and the cost has fallen sharply, especially for photovoltaic power generation. The authors claim that “a significant drop in solar and wind energy costs alone will reduce the total capital expenditure for power transformation by more than 10%” and that other skills such as energy storage, LED lighting, biofuels and hydrogen are now in their The early stages of the learning curve have great potential to reduce costs.

The statement appears,solar energy generationThe cost has fallen fourfold in five years, and the power generation in the Middle East is likely to be less than €0.025/kWh. “If we continue to invest in technological innovation, the cost reduction of solar and wind energy will continue in the next few years.” This means that compared with traditional power generation, solar and wind energy will become more and more attractive.

The authors of the statement also make up that the success of solar and wind energy now depends not only on the large capacity placed around the world, but also on the use research conducted by R&D organizations and companies that are active in the industry. The statement believes that targeted innovation funding can not only significantly reduce the cost of power transformation, but also ensure significant macroeconomic and social benefits. The statement states: “If we continue to invest extensively in innovation, development of new skills and production processes, and proper transformation planning, there will be more business, exports, employment opportunities and a cleaner environment.”

As of the end of 2018, the cumulative PV installed capacity in the Netherlands was 4.2 GW. It is estimated that it will reach 6 GW in the next year and 20 GW in 2035.

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