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South Korea plans to increase energy production to 35% in 2040

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-23
KoreaIn 2017, the 3020 program for renewable power was proposed. The policy is that by 2030, renewable power will account for 20% of total power consumption. In order to complete this policy, the demand for renewable power installed capacity increased by 48.7GW during this period, and finally reached the installation plan of 63.8GW, of which wind power accounted for 28% and PV accounted for 57%.

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A revised policy draft released by the South Korean government last Friday showed that the Korean program will increase the share of renewable power to power production by 35% by 2040.

According to South Korean media, this is part of the revised power usage plan announced by the Korea Ministry of Industry and Trade, which aims to reduce fine dust pollution and create sustainable economic development. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Korea will increase the proportion of renewable power to power production by 30% to 35% by 2040, which is now more than four times that of 7.6%.

South Korea has revised its overall utilization plan for power every five years. The policy is to transform into a clean and safe power within 20 years to satisfy the power demand and reduce air pollution. This is also in line with the motivation of the South Korean President Wen Zai.

South Korea’s Minister of Industry and Trade Power also said it would focus on reforming the power demand structure rather than expanding its power supply.

As Asia's fourth-largest economy, South Korea has been trying to get rid of its reliance on coal and nuclear power and increase its share of gas turbines. In 2018, coal accounted for South KoreaPower generationThe share was 41.9%, followed by nuclear power (23.4%) and natural gas (26.8%).

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