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Solar power combined with agricultural activities

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-23

The German solar research institute Fraunhofer ISE proved that it willsolar energy generationCombined with agricultural activities, it not only reduces costs, significantly increases land use power, but is also particularly suitable for use in arid regions.

The 194-kilowatt agricultural photovoltaic test facility near Lake Constance, thanks to a record-breaking sunny summer, increased its utilization rate per hectare by 186% last year, compared with 160% in the same period last year.

The researchers said that the addition of solar radiation is the reason for the increase in solar power generation. andPhotovoltaicThe solar radiation under the panel is reduced by 30%. It combines with lower soil temperature and precipitation distribution to promote the increase of land use power. “The shadows under the translucent solar modules allow these plants to better withstand the hot and boring conditions of 2018.” And make up for the fact that for areas with low rainfall, agricultural photovoltaic power generation is a good choice.


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Experts at Fraunhofer-ISE believe that the cost of agricultural PV installations will fall further because of economies of scale and learning effects, and they are now comparable to the cost of small rooftop solar systems. In addition, PV system owners on arable land are able to obtain a rated source of income from the addition of energy storage or agricultural electric vehicle applications.

The agency is currently developing a series of projects to transfer the technology to developing countries and test it for other uses.

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