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Pre-Sales Service

Technical Solutions & Support
I-Panda provide technical solutions and support. We design the most suitable PV system for you. Our Experts will solve all your problems and fulfill all tasks of the PV system, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Technical assistance 
Our international elite team has strong R&D capabilities who are continuously developing new products. Plus with customized production, making it possible to offer products according to the needs of users.
Our strong technical background is the source of our strength. Our professional team brings comprehensive technical advice and support.
We have regularly technical training for our employees that is also open to our customers. We also offer customized training programs.


Our elite team has strong R&D capabilities allowing us to design controllers and inverters according users need. You are welcome to connect us and tell us your requirements.

We make an all-out effort for each user's requirements, we design your own PV system and provide you our best solutions. We care about every detail allowing you to sit back and relax.
We have world class R&D, production, and logistic efficiency allowing us to deliver your order in shortest time

After-Sales Service

Quick response

I-Panda has a professional, efficient and fast responding customer service system. You can always connect to us by phone, email, internet, on-site, and so on. 

After your request and requirement reaches us, a reply or even a solution will be offered to you in within 24 hours. 

I-Panda provides perfect after-sales service with free monitoring software & hardware updates, remote assistance, home care, maintenance and replacement. Satisfying your needs is our goal.

Products Updates

Innovation is in our blood, and our professional R&D team continuously updates our hardware and software.
Our product updates will be automatically pushed to you by phone, mail, Internet and other ways. You can subscribe to our newsletter  to keep yourself informed. 

I-Panda global network will provide software and hardware upgrade services. As long as your product is still covered by the warranty, you can initiate a request to us.


Our elite team has strong R&D capabilities. We concentrate ono off-grid system solar controllers and inverters under system 20kW. Professionalism and focus ensure the high quality of our products. Products in need of repair are less than 2%.
Our controllers and inverters provide a standard 2-year warranty,  You can check your Warranty and inquire online, the warranty period can be extended up to lifetime.
During the warranty period, we offer Remote support and on-site service like free updates, replacement, maintenance… 

Software Support 

Our solar controller all have a solar eagle software, and the ISOLAR which owns 100 psc upward monitoring ability is coming soon.