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Your position: Home > Category > (Has been removed) > First Generation MPPT Controller(stop) > lcd led display mppt regulador de carga solar 50a 12v 24v 48v
lcd led display mppt regulador de carga solar 50a 12v 24v 48vlcd led display mppt regulador de carga solar 50a 12v 24v 48vlcd led display mppt regulador de carga solar 50a 12v 24v 48vlcd led display mppt regulador de carga solar 50a 12v 24v 48v

lcd led display mppt regulador de carga solar 50a 12v 24v 48v

  • Model:smart1 12/24/48V/48V-50A
  • Efficiency: 95% upwards
  • Maximum Current:50A
  • Rated Voltage:48V
  • Max PV Input:150v
  • Battery connection:all kinds
  • Charge way:three stages
  • Ambient Temp.Range:-25°C-+55°C
  • Product Size:270*185*90mm
  • Certificates:ISO9001,ISO0014,CE,RoHs,Fcc
  • Service:OEM and ODM

This is a smart solar charge controller which has advanced MPPT technology .Solar charge controller is one of the important parts in the off-grid solar system. For having the advanced MPPT technology, the controller can trace the peak power with 99% conversion efficiency. MPPT microprocessor, inside the controller,making 30% more charge current with significantly less power than tradition. In addition to this, easier installing and supporting to expand volume are other advantages. It can also store energy to different kinds of batteries. We provide battery choice(Vented、Sealed、Gel、NiCd).

Connection Diagram

1)MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge function
2)Auto Recognition function
3)3-stage charge function
4)Professional PC communication function


1.MPPT charge mode,conversion efficiency upto 99%,can save 30%~60% of the power than traditional controller.

2.With high efficient MPPT operation scheme and adopting TI28035 chip,make the Solar panels utilization rate upto 99%.

3.Intelligent design,the device can be upgraded online,customers enjoy the lifelong upgrade service.

4.Compliance with the 2002/95/EC environment protecting demand,doesn’t include the Cadmium, hydride and fluoride

5.Adopting the well-known brand components,the devices can suffer the temperature not less than 105℃.The service life is designed to extend to 10 years in theory.

6.Charge mode: three stages (fast charge,constant charge,floating charge)

7.12V/24V/48V system auto recognize for easy control.

8.Nominal maximum solar input is DC 150V

9.Connected Battery Type choosing: Sealed lead acid, vented, Gel, NiCd battery. Other types of the batteries can also be defined.

10. LCD and LEDs show all kinds of parameter like products model, PV input voltage,battery voltage,charge current,charge power,work condition,and also can add customers’company name and website.

11. Communication Port.RS232 communication can provide communication protocol, This make the unified and integrated management more convenient to customers.

12. With providing a Microsoft by connecting with PC that can show the working state and all parameters in 7 languages.

13. Extensible LAN remote control.

14.Equipment integrity: controller+CD-ROM(microcomputer software) + communication wire+Anderson terminals;

15.CE,ROHS,FCC,PSE certifications approved.The device also can support to pass the other certifications.

16. 2 years warranty. And 3~10 years extended warranty service also can be provided.

Model:I-P-MSC-DC12V/24V/48V-series 50A
Charge Mode  Maximum Power Point Tracking
Method 3 stages: fast charge(MPPT),constant voltage,floating charge
System Type DC12V/24V/48V Automatic recognition 
System Voltage 12V system  DC9V~DC15V
24V system  DC18V~DC30V
48Vsystem  DC36V~DC60V
Soft Start Time  12V/24V/48Vsystem  ≤10S
Dynamic Response  12V/24V/48Vsystem  500us
Recovery Time
Conversion Efficiency 12V/24V/48Vsystem  ≥96.5%,≤99%
PV Modules Utilization Rate 12V/24V/48Vsystem  ≥99%
Input Characteristics
MPPT Working Voltage and Range 12V system DC18V~DC150V
24V system DC34~DC150V
48V system DC65~DC150V
 Low Voltage Input Protection Point 12V system DC16V
24V system DC30V
48V system DC60V
Low Voltage Input Recovery Point 12V system DC22V
24V system DC34V
48V system DC65V
Max DC Voltage 12V/24V/48V system DC160V
Input Overvoltage Protection Point 12V/24V/48V system DC150V
Input Overvoltage Recovery Point 12V/24V/48V system DC145V
Max. PV Power 12V system 700W
24V system 1400W
48V system 2800W
Output Characteristics
Selectable Battery Types (Default type is GEL battery) 12V/24V/48Vsystem Sealed lead acid, vented, Gel, NiCd battery
(Other types of the batteries also can be defined)
Constant Voltage 12V/24V/48V system Please check the charge voltage according to the battery type form.
Floating Charge Voltage  12V/24V/48V system
Over Charge Protection Voltage 12V system 14.6V
24V system 29.2V
48V system 58.4V
Rated Output Current 12V/24V/48V system 50A
Current-limiting Protection 12V/24V/48V system 55A
Temperature Factor 12V/24V/48V system ±0.02%/℃
Temperature Compensation 12V/24V/48V system 14.2V-(The highest temperature-25℃)*0.3
Output Ripples(peak) 12V/24V/48V system 200mV
Output Voltage Stability Precision 12V/24V/48V system ≤±1.5%

The specification is only for reference. Subject to change without prior notice.
We provide OEM and ODM service.The 36V/72V/96V model also can be custom made for you.

Communication way

1. Industrial,commercial,household off-grid solar power system
2. moveable off-grid solar power system
3. Communication base stations
4. Energy knowledge popularization 
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