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Your position: Home > Category > (Has been removed) > TPI2 Inverter (stop) > I-P-TPI-3000W > I-P-TPI2 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/UPS 3KW
I-P-TPI2 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/UPS 3KWI-P-TPI2 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/UPS 3KWI-P-TPI2 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/UPS 3KWI-P-TPI2 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/UPS 3KW

I-P-TPI2 Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/UPS 3KW

  • Brand Name: I-PANDA
  • Output Power: 3000W
  • Output Type: Single Phase
  • Size: 318*218*368mm
  • Weight: 32KG
  • Input Voltage: 24V / 48V (optional)
  • Output Voltage: 100V ~ 240V (optional)
  • Output Frequency: 50HZ or 60 HZ
  • Output sine wave: Pure sine wave
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Blue and White
  • Work Modes: DC first / AC first
  • Display: LCD LEDs
  • DC / AC Conversion Function: Yes
  • Battery charging Function: Yes  
  • Low frequency design: Yes
  • Surge power of the inverter upto 3 times: Yes
This power inverter series I-P-TPI2-1000W-6000W is adopted the world's leading low frequency inversion
technical solutions This series of inverter has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, low power
consumption, super load-carrying ability, and large charging current. . Users can set it to sleep mode and normal
working mode according to the AC loads. Users also can set the output priority (AC first or DC first) and choose
the output frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. It's our second generation TPI series. They are best choice for solar, wind
generation system, home, office standby UPS power supply and DC to AC projects, keep 24hours have power.
In the above application fields, this series of inverter is suitable for all kinds of inductive loads, capacitive load and
resistive load such as TV, air conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine.

Industrial, commercial,  household back-up power supply
Movable AC supply power
Main supply power for industrial products
Off-grid energy generator system

1.DC/AC Conversion Function
It can be set to normal working mode (on the panel turn the button  to “ON”) or sleep mode (on the panel turn the
button to S-ON)

1.1 Normal working mode (ON): No matter it’s connected AC loads or not  
the inverter always convert DC to AC. The LCD of the inverter display the output voltage. The power consumption
in normal working mode is a little higher than in sleep mode
1.2 Sleep mode (S-ON):If the power of the connected AC loads is lower than 5% of the rated power of the
inverter, there is no output from the inverter. The LCD of it shows 0. Only the chip of inverter is working. The
power consumption of the inverter is only 1-6W. If the power of the connected AC loads is more than 5%, then
the inverter automatically convert DC to AC to supply power for the loads within 5s. The LCD of it display no

2. High-power intelligent charging function
1)It Can charge 8 kinds of batteries (detail please check parameter)
2)High charging power  (detail please check parameter)
3)Three-stage charging mode: Constant current charging stage (CC), Constant voltage charging stage (CV),
Float charging stage (CF)

Note: When the battery type is set to “0”, it will not charge the battery and charging current is “0”. The charging
indicator will not light.

3. UPS function
It can be set as utility first (AC first) battery standby mode or battery first (DC first) utility standby mode.

3.1. Utility first, battery standby UPS mode (on the panel turn the button to "AC")
3.2. Battery first, utility standby UPS mode (on the panel turn the button to "DC").

1. Pure sine wave output
2. CPU management, intelligent control,modular design
3. LCD and LED display can show the parameters and inverter working status.
4. Users can set it in sleep mode or normal working mode and set output priority (AC first or DC first). The output
frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) can be chosen.
5. High conversion efficiency (87%-98%), low power consumption (1W~6W under sleep mode). It is the best
choice of inverters for solar power system
6. The inverter can charge 8 kinds of batteries such as sealed lead acid battery, open lead-acid battery, gel
battery. Kindly note: The lithium battery can be charged also, the related parameters need to be set in factory.
7. High charging power and the charging function can be closed
8. This series of inverters have strong load-carrying ability and overload capacity. The peak power is 3 times of
the rated output power. For example, 1KW model can drive 1HP air conditioner, 2KW model can drive 2HP air
conditioner, 3KW can drive 3HP conditioner.
9. Adopting the latest American low frequency circuit design, brand new imported electric materials, pure copper
transformer, the system is very stable long service life(more than 5 years under normal use)
10. Perfect protection (low input voltage protection, high input voltage protection, over temperature protection,
short-circuit protection, overload protection)
11. EMC、LVD、RoHS certification approvals
12. 2-year warranty and life-time technical assistance.


Parameter    Model      


Rated Output Power


Peak Power


Battery Voltage(DC)

12V or 24V or 48V(optional)

Size W×D×H(mm)


Packing Size W×D×H(mm)


Net Weight (kg)


Gross Weight (kg) 


Working Mode




Normal working mode


Sleep Mode, 1~6 consumption when load’s power higher than 5% rated output power, it will start to work automatically


Completely off

AC Input


220V±35% or 110V+35%(optional)


50HZ or 60HZ

AC Output


220V±3% or 230V±3 or 240V±3% or 100V±3%
or 110V±3%(optional)


frequency is the same as Under utility mode

Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz(optional ) in DC/AC convert mode

Utility charging
(Battery type “0” means that AC charging function is closed)

AC charge current







Battery type

American gel battery, Wool battery 1, Wool battery2, Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Europe gel battery, Open lead-acid batteries, Calcium Battery, De-Acid Battery or OEM Battery

Charging mode

Three-stage charging: CC, CV, CF

Charging time

Decided by battery capacity and quantity

Battery protection

Automatic detection, charge and discharge protection, intelligent management




Utility first, battery standby


Battery first, utility standby


Display Mode


Display Information

Input voltage,output voltage,output frequency,battery capacity,Load condition,Status Information

Output Wave Type

Pure sine wave

Overload Ability

>120% 1 min, >130% 10s

Power Consumption

Sleep Mode


Normal Mode


Conversion Efficiency


Transfer Time

<5ms (AC to DC / DC to AC)


Overload output, short-circuit, high-voltage input,

low-voltage input, overheats










1. OEM and ODM orders are provided.
2. Power solution consult available based on technical group
3. 24 months warranty; lifelong time extended technical service.
4. Any of your questions will be guided by professional technical team.
5. Free technical study and discussion on products are provided every year.
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