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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > German solar cell subsidies support 4,000 systems in the first year

German solar cell subsidies support 4,000 systems in the first year

John 2014-07-14 19:44:52
The German Solar Energy Industry Association (BSW-Solar, Berlin) reported that since the introduction of subsidies in May 2013, the federal government has supported approximately 4,000 battery systems with solar photovoltaic power generation.

These battery systems were also funded by the German Development Bank KfW (Frankfurt, Germany), which has a low-interest loan of nearly 66 million euros ($91 million) and a grant of 10 million euros ($14 million).

“Because the country has taken on some of the acquisition costs, solar storage has become very suitable for home or commercial use,” said BW-Solar, General Manager J? Rg Mayer said.
Increased battery demand

BSW-Solar pointed out that this combination of financing and high retail electricity prices makes energy storage and photovoltaics a real investment.
In addition, the organization also pointed out that by balancing production peaks, battery storage also contributes to grid operation and increases the connection capacity of other PV systems.

“Anyone planning to invest in a 30 kW PV system should consider energy storage,” Meyer noted. “If the PV system is online after December 31, 2012, then the transformation is also possible.”
BSW-Solar expects the battery demand for the second year of the program to increase, and also points out that as the market grows, battery costs will decline and technology will improve.

Forced battery recycling will take effect in April 2015

BSW-Solar also reminded its members that the EU's new Waste and Electronic Equipment Act (WEEE) includes for the first time the redemption and disposal obligations of photovoltaic cells. The new law will enter into force in April 2015 and the organization will discuss new regulations and industry impacts at its event on May 20, 2014.

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