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What is distributed photovoltaic power generation?

  • Author:John
  • Release on:2014-07-14
The concept of photovoltaics is not unfamiliar. It is the use of solar energy natural resources to generate electricity, that is, solar photovoltaic power generation.

What exactly is distributed photovoltaic power generation? This problem has been extended in the photovoltaic industry, and some people do not know much about it. Let's take a basic description of distributed photovoltaic power generation.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation is a new type of power generation and energy comprehensive utilization method with broad development prospects. The biggest performance mode is near power generation, near grid connection, near conversion, and nearby use, which can not only effectively improve the power generation of photovoltaic power plants of the same scale. The quantity also effectively solves the problem of power loss in boosting and long-distance transportation. However, distributed power generation also imposes strict requirements on how to maximize solar power generation and how to ensure grid safety. The functionality and stability of photovoltaic inverters are also extremely critical.

From the wording, the name of the distributed name is that the site is relatively scattered, there is no special requirement for the installation environment, and the installation is more flexible, which can fully utilize the characteristics of solar energy. The installed capacity of power stations is generally below 50KW, which is most suitable for villas, home roofs, small and medium-sized factory roofs.

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