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Who supply us cheap electricity?

Zoe 2014-11-21 19:13:23
Gone are the days of cheap grid electricity and the more population grows, the more inefficient grid service becomes.
Our electric bills are rising but the quality of grid service does not increase but even goes down.
Now, I-Panda HPC solar & utility complementary inverter will supply you with much green and cheap electricity.
1.AC first and DC first switchable function
AC first: using grid power firstly (and charge battery with high efficiency at the same time), and battery are as backup power, suitable for backup power system and areas where short of electricity.
DC first: using battery power firstly, and grid power are as backup power,suitable for solar power system and areas where electricity is expensive.
2. Built-in low cost 95%~99% efficiency MPPT controller, 30%~60% can be saved. 3 stage charging functions can prolong battery life.

User can set time to change the power source at the peak hour to save the expensive electricity bill.

3.CPU management, intelligent control, 1~6W low consumption sleep mode,intelligent LCD display is very easy to monitor all parameters and set charging mode, working mode, energy record and timing mode on the screen.