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My warm I-Panda family

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-PANDA
  • Release on:2014-11-25
Every month I-Panda holds the Monthly summary commendation congress for the champion supper star, progress super star, sharing super star, and passional super star.

It was my honor to get the adwards of progress super star and passional super star in Oct. At the beginning, I am a flesher for MPPT solar charge controller and UPS  inverter. I have many questions and our supervisor and engineers will answer my question patiently even

At first, I met many problems at work and felt afraid, my supervisors and colleagues helped to solve all the problems patiently in their busy day time even in night time. Encouraged me to challenge and break myself friendly. Gradually, I find that I am not afraid to face the problems and become professional and passional to face life and work with love.

Touched me a lot is the adwards gifts for my progress and passional super star, they are warm keeping cup and bag. Even if winter is very cold, I will never feel cold from heart to body staying in the warmly I-Panda family full of warm love. Many thanks for my enterprise care about employee so much.
Many thanks for the supports, education and caring of I-Panda Enterprise. If I didn’t have the chance to jion the warm family, I will never find such powerful myself. I will do my best to become more powerful and inherit the spirit of I-Panda------Humanity, Development, and Morality.