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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > US Washington Renewable Energy Act passed

US Washington Renewable Energy Act passed

the Internet 2018-12-24 14:54:26

Recently, the Washington, DC, City Council passed a landmark renewable energy bill on Tuesday that will require the city to require all energy on its grid to come from renewable sources by 2032.

As a result of this new policy, the city will implement new incentives to promote renewable energy growth in the region, as well as new efficiency standards and increased carbon bills for natural gas and other sources.

Earlier this year, California approved a new task for the state Senate to raise the state's clean energy standards to 100% by 2045, and 50% from the original goal of 2030.

The President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) issued a statement, “The D.C. City Council has just passed the country’s most powerful clean energy legislation. The move to 100% renewable energy is not only feasible but also more than many Recognizing that faster speeds are achieved, and D.C. is gaining a clear lead. This historic legislation can serve as a model for other countries and cities to seek to establish clean energy goals."

“It’s worth noting that the bill helps ensure that all residents of the area have access,” he said.Solar energyThis includes our low priority residents, which is our top priority. Given that most of SEIA's teams are in D. C. Regional life and work, including some employees who are dedicated to advocating and strengthening this legislation. This milestone is especially meaningful to us. ”

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