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Solar stocks are affected by the US stock market crash

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-02
The US stock market in December is not very good. The US stock market has experienced ups and downs, and the solar panels are not so bad.

With continued interest rate hikes, the S&P 500 index fell by 14.8% in December, probably the worst December since the lowest point of the Great Depression in 1931. Solar energy is also walking the Waterloo in this plunge.

On Christmas Eve, the Invesco Solar ETF closed at $18.01 per share, down 17% from the peak of $21.85 at the end of November. Individual stocks performed even worse. Tesla has taken a series of measures, but the stock price has fallen 22% from December 13 to 24. Xingke Energy, Sunrun and SunPower have not been spared, even worse, as of the 24th, ten In the day time, the closing price fell by at least 25%.

In the past two weeks, the collapse of the market has been unprecedented in the past decade, but in the solar industry, this is not unusual. This year, at the end of January, the end of February, the end of May, the beginning of June and October, TAN also experienced a similar decline. Fortunately, every exchange-traded fund can bring back the recovery of many giant solar companies.

Jinko Energy is only one of the stocks that have fallen in the past two weeks. Since the peak in November 2017, the market value has shrunk by nearly two-thirds; SunPower's decline is not as bad as the first three quarters of 2016; as for Tesla, Although TSLA has continued to fall and rebound, it has remained above $250 per share since January last year.

Not every stock has suffered losses. Hanwha Q Cells (NASDAQ: HQCL) is expected to become the second largest solar module manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere. Although the Asian market has collapsed in the second half of the year, Hanwha Q Cells does not seem to be affected by the market slowdown. Will go online

It is not clear how this will change at the end of this month. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index shows signs of a rebound, but it is not clear whether this is a "dead cat rebound" or a real recovery.

The wind and rain of the stock market may be just a breeze for the solar industry. For the solar industry, December's share price decline is by no means the worst case to date, and anyone who remembers a sharp drop in 2011 will prove it. During the nine months of 2011, TAN lost 70% of its value and lost 3/4 of its value in the five months after the market collapsed in late 2008.

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