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Install solar panels for your RV

the Internet 2018-12-20 11:10:44
The solar battery charging system is not a must-have for the supplementary power supply on the RV. You can choose it according to your needs. This article is shared with you in the form of examples plus theory. If you also like to study solar battery charging systems, or if you are ready to install solar panels, it may be helpful.

The power supply in the RV basically comes from four aspects, namely battery, driving generator, external 220V power supply and solar charging system, so the solar battery charging system plays an important role in the RV. Many RV players will install a new car after they buy it. Group of solar panels, although the installation of solar battery charging system does not seem difficult, but many riders do not know how much power of the RV solar panels need to be installed? Is the power of the installation as high as possible?

Precautions for installing solar panels

1Because of the uneven manufacturing of solar energy manufacturers, some electric boards will be equipped with metal frames, while others will be laid directly on the roof of the RV, and then fixed. It is recommended that you choose solar panels with metal frames.

2 Install the base. It can act as a backflow air and drain. Because the speed of the vehicle is too fast during the driving process, the voltage between the electric board and the air is generated, causing the electric board to be picked up by the wind, posing a danger.

Solar panel maintenance and care

1 For most users, solar panels are not installed once and for all. If you often drive a car to an area where the smog is serious or the sand is frequent, remember to clean the surface of the solar panel to prevent dust accumulation for a long time. Power generation efficiency is not good.

2 wire harness maintenance. Regularly check to prevent wire harness aging, usually replace the wire harness once every 3-5 years.

3 The life of the solar panel itself is generally more than 15 years. The longer the time, the more obvious the power attenuation.

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