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Public scale energy storage prospects are promising

the Internet 2019-04-03 15:57:11
In the past seven years, the US power grid planning energy storage mall has been rapidly developed. This is due to the dramatic decline in skill risks and the costs associated with these devices, and the increasing number of developers participating in the mall, which has become more complex.

The end result is that solar + energy storage projects are racing against traditional forms of power generation. This is based on a recent statement from the research organization Navigant Research, which states that “The utility company is using a cost-effective solar + energy storage strategy to surpass or replace natural gas power plants.”

The query statement indicates that the largest energy-storing skill is lithium-ion battery. Since 2011, the lithium-ion battery has accounted for 29.4% of the battery energy storage system outside the pumped storage capacity, accounting for 70% of the advanced battery capacity. Lithium-ion batteries are compact and capable of storing more energy.

Anissa Dehamna, deputy director of the Navigant Power Division, said, "We are seeing now.Lithium Ion BatteryThe price is low and falls sharply, and more developers are entering the field, which means more competition at a better price. "She refers to energy storage equipment that can hold three to four hours of energy storage at a time.

The case study of the query statement speculated that the new combined cycle gas-fired power plant's 2021 leveling power cost was 41-47 US dollars / MWh. In contrast, the price of a power purchase agreement for a solar + energy storage project registered for 2021 in 2018 is between $30/MWh and $41/MWh, which includes capacity payments.

She said that in the past seven years, the installed capacity of energy storage systems (such as batteries, flywheels and compressed air storage) outside the pumped storage project has reached 8,934.7MW.

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Energy storageThree processes of system commercialization

Commercialization is a process with three processes: conceptualization, skill development, and creation of business solutions and malls. The energy storage system may work conceptually. But there may be some disconnect between conceptual things and real things. Dehemna said that skills are the missing link.

Now enter the first two stages, although there are still some "limitations" in the development of business cases, there are exceptions. For example, the Arizona Public Service can prove that solar + energy storage projects are cost-effective, and utilities can avoid installing fossil fuel power plants.

In fact, more and more utility companies are moving toward solar + energy storage projects, especially in the resource collection phase. The bidding process contains this property, and the underlying understanding is that the power company is obligated to provide reliable service to its customers at the best price.

The southwestern United States does have an advantage, as the region’s solar irradiance is high and other parts of the United States will benefit in time. This is due to the fact that the price of hardware such as solar power plants and battery energy storage systems will fall. But for now, the southwestern United States has an advantage over the northeast.

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Solar + energy storage project will replace fossil fuel power generation

Dehamna stated that “the experience of the southwestern United States is that solar + energy storage projects can compete with fossil fuel power generation and have cost-effectiveness. Solar + energy storage projects will continue to grow and replace fossil fuel power generation. Its main driving force It's economics, and on the other hand, water is scarce, and energy storage systems, wind power, and solar power plants don't require water cooling. The next level is the moment of construction: fewer licenses and fewer projects involved. ”

Navigant has indicated that the layout of the solar + energy storage project in the grid planning mall is now feasible and will be more and more. The goal now is to guide the mall participants, which include regulatory organizations.

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