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Hawaii will achieve solar + energy storage projects below 10 cents per kilowatt

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-03
It is reported that the Hawaii State Public Utilities Commission (HPUC) has agreed to six of the eight proposed large solar + energy storage projects. The electricity prices of the six projects are said to have reached or fallen below 10 cents per kWh.

In just a few short years, the matching arrangement of solar power generation facilities and battery energy storage systems has now changed from a niche concept to a reality that the power system can make up for. It all comes down to a drop in electricity prices.

Three years ago, when SolarCity announced that the price of solar + energy storage projects on Kauai, Hawaii, reached 14.5 cents per kWh, it was a breakthrough. Today, Hawaiian regulators have set a new threshold for solar projects, using a 4-hour energy storage battery energy storage system.Solar powerThe price must be less than 10 cents per kWh.

The Hawaii State Public Utilities Commission (HPUC) has agreed to a contract between a subsidiary of Hawaii Power Industry Corporation and six project developers. The total installed capacity of the solar power system of these six projects is 247MW, and the total battery energy storage system. The capacity is 998MWh, which means that all six projects will be fully supported by the 4-hour battery energy storage system.

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The electricity price for these project contracts is 8 to 10 cents per kWh. This is lower than the electricity price of fossil fuel power plants such as natural gas power plants, where most of the power generation facilities use oil at a price of about 15 cents per kWh.

The Hawaii State Public Utilities Commission (HPUC) is in the process of conducting further inspections of two other contracts, which showed that the price of one of the contracts was 12 cents per kWh.

Solar power generation planned by the grid has increased by more than 3 times

These projects will greatly increase the amount of solar power generated by the Hawaii State Grid. Unlike other states, most of the solar energy in Hawaii isResidential solar energyInstead of a large planned solar farm.

These six projects estimate that 480 GWh of electricity will occur each year. As the state of Hawaii gradually completes its policy of obtaining all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045, it will more than double its solar power generation plan.

But perhaps more important than this, these energy storage projects can be used to power the peaks and cloudy days at night, which will overcome the intermittent nature of solar power generation, so it will usher in a new era of solar power generation.

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