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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Precautions for home improvement photovoltaic power stations.

Precautions for home improvement photovoltaic power stations.

the Internet 2018-12-26 13:55:11

Fire hazard

PhotovoltaicThe power station has high voltage and high current, and the equipment runs in the outdoor environment for a long time. The erosion of light, rain, sand and the like will accelerate the cable andThe aging of equipment such as connectors causes the insulation performance of the equipment to drop, causing equipment failure and even fire. In addition to selecting good quality componentsIn addition to inverters, cables, connectors, combiner boxes, etc., PV systems must be regularly tested. Photovoltaic power plant construction period is shortThe technical level of construction personnel and operation and maintenance personnel is not good enough, which often results in equipment not being installed properly, maintenance operations are not standardized, and evenEquipment hidden faults (such as cracks and hot spots of components) bring certain hidden dangers to the safe and stable operation of the power station.

Note the high temperature

In summer, component surfaces andInverterThe surface temperature of the radiator is high. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation. The surface of the component should not be covered. It is not allowed to dry the peppers, radishes, etc. on the components. If there are leaves, the bird droppings should be cleaned in time, and there is no inflammable material around the inverter. The temperature of the inverter radiator running at full load is relatively high and should not be touched by children. The best isolation fence for PV modules and inverters.

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