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Poland's photovoltaic power generation reached 486.5 MW MW

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-16
According to data released by the Polish Solar Energy Association Polska PV, Poland's PV installed capacity reached 486.5MW in the previous year.

The newly installed PV installed capacity in the previous year was about 214 MW, the largest increase in Poland's history. The new installed capacity in 2017 and 2016 was 81 MW and 101 MW respectively.

According to Polska PV, approximately 339.5 MW of the total PV installed capacity in the country comes from systems not exceeding 50 kW. The arrangement indicates that these small systems produced 164 MW of new installed capacity a year.

Bogdan szyma ski, chairman of the Polska PV Management Committee, indicated that the sharp drop in installation costs and rising energy prices in the previous year have greatly improved the environment for Polish solar energy funding. The association indicated that compared with 2017, the average cost of arranging a 1kW photovoltaic small system in the previous year dropped by nearly 500PLN (about $131). In 2018, the total investment in solar energy reached about 720 million PLN, which was significantly increased from the 400 million PLN stated a year ago.

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Successful auction

The renewable energy arrangement Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej (IEO) released Rynek fotowoltaiki w Polsce 2018 in July stated that the installed capacity of photovoltaics in Poland may reach 1.2GW in 2021. Following the acquisition of the new capacity of 360 MW with the first two renewable energy auctions organized by the Polish government, people have high hopes for the auction mechanism.

The third-time renewable energy project in Poland reached the 1MW renewable energy project. The final transaction price was lower than the previous two similar auctions, indicating that pricing is stabilizing. However, at the auction of the first large-scale wind-solar hybrid power project held in November last year, all of the contracted electricity flowed to wind energy.

More than 80% of Poland's electricity needs are met by coal power generation. A recent analysis by IEO found that replacing solar with solar energy may be the only way to thwart future electricity prices.

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